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One Micrometer Resolution Structured Scintillators for Hard X-ray Image Detection


High energy (roughly 30-90 keV) x-rays at synchrotron light sources provide unique information on polycrystallinity and failure modes in lightweight structural materials for advanced transportation applications [1], and on the details of atom bonding in crystalline materials being developed for improved catalytic [2] and energy storage applications [3]. These applications require large area detectors (e.g., > 10 cm2), and spatial resolution ranging from 20-200 microns. Achieving very high spatial resolution at high energies while maintaining high detector quantum efficiency (DQE) is particularly challenging. We are seeking proposals to develop new approaches to large area detectors at high energies in this size range with high DQE and 10,000:1 dynamic range so that x-ray diffraction spots can be recorded simultaneously with diffuse scattering. Frame rates in excess of one image per second are required, and approaches that can in principle be scaled up to 100 Hz or higher frame rates are preferred as well as approaches that allow multiple detectors to work with synchronized data acquisition. Detectors with these characteristics are needed by the Department of Energys Scientific User Facilities, and will enable new capabilities in the study of materials in the fields such as chemistry, materials science, and transportation systems engineering including the development of advanced jet aircraft engines.
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