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Ceramic, Ceramic Composite, or Coated Materials


Grant applications are sought to develop improved ceramic, ceramic composite, or coated materials that can be used in the Generation IV Gas-Cooled and Liquid Fluoride Salt-Cooled Reactors at temperatures up to 850C, in a thermal neutron spectrum environment during normal operations and accidents. These ceramic or coated materials should have the following characteristics: (1) low thermal expansion coefficients, (2) excellent high-temperature strength, (3) excellent high-temperature creep resistance, (4) good thermal conductivity, (5) ability to endure a high-neutron-flux environment, (6) ability to be fabricated to required geometries, (7) capable of being joined, and (8) ability to survive air and-or water ingress accidents. Because high temperature strength and corrosion resistance may be difficult to achieve with a single material, composite or coated systems may be required. In addition, grant applications are sought to develop methods for real-time in situ monitoring of the condition of these ceramic, composite, and coated materials. Approaches of interest include the development of sensors that can monitor the mechanical and thermo-physical properties of these materials during their service lifetime.
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