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Available Funding Topics

    • b: Identification of Efflux Pumps to Improve Tolerance to Toxic or Tnhibitory Biofuel, Biochemical Metabolities or Compounds from Deconstructed Ligno-Cellulosic Biomass
    • c: Biological Production of Lignification Stoppers Available in fields of use other than poplar, eucalyptus, sugarcane and sorghum
    • d: Artificial Positive Feedback Loop for Increasing Production of a Biosynthetic Product in Specific Plant Tissues
    • e: Improved Crops with Increased Galactan Content
    • f: Yeast Artificial Positive Feedback Loop as Tool to Enhance Multigenes Metabolic Pathways
    • g: Production of 1-Deoxyxylulose-5-Phosphate Via Enzymatic Dehydration-Reduction of Xylose-Derived Sugar
    • h: Increased Expression of Rice Acyltransferase Genes Improves Tissue Deconstructability Without Impacting Biomass Accumulation
    • i: Enhancing Fatty Acid Production by Regulation of fadR Expression
    • j: Spatially-separated Combinatorial DNA Assembly Device
    • k: Recovery of chemically hydrolysed biomass using solvent extraction
    • l: Mixed Feedstock Processing using Ionic Liquids
    • m: Rice Os02g22380 Encodes a Glycosyltansferase Critical for Xylose Biosynthesis in the Cell Wall
    • n: Rapid Discovery and Optimization of Enzyme Solutions Using Tagged Biomass and Mass Spectrometry
    • o: Cell-Free System for Combinatorial Discovery of Enzymes Capable of Transforming Biomass for Biofuels
    • p: Translation-Coupling Cassette for Quickly and Reliably Monitoring Protein Translation in Host Cells
    • q: Fatty Acid-Producing Microbes for Generating Medium- and Long-Chain Hydrocarbons
    • r: Ethanol Tolerant Yeast for Improved Production of Ethanol from Biomass
    • s: Genes for Xylose Fermentation, Enhanced Biofuel Production in Yeast
    • t: Method and Compositions for Improved Lignocellulosic Material Hydrolysis
    • u: A Source and Production Method for Acetyl-Triacylglycerols (ac-TAGs)
    • v: Production of Oil in Vegetative Tissues
    • w: High Starch in Plant Leaves at Senescence
    • x: Use of Plants with Increased Level of Highly Methylesterified Homogalacturonan for Improving Digestibility of Plant Biomasses
    • y: Method to Increase Calorific Content and Enhanced Nutritional Valye of Plant Biomass for the Production of Fuel and Feed
    • z: Dispersal Containment of Engineered Genotypes in Transgenic Plants

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