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Rapid Discovery and Optimization of Enzyme Solutions Using Tagged Biomass and Mass Spectrometry


Researchers at the JBEI have developed a technology to create a more efficient workflow for hydrolytic enzyme discovery and enzyme cocktail optimization by providing fast, efficient analysis of native glycans using high specificity mass spectrometry-based enzyme assays. In the JBEI technology, native substrates are used for enzyme activity screening and then tagged for efficient mass spectrometry analysis. The tagged mixture is assayed using mass spectrometry-based arrays that enable high throughput screening from microwell plates. Integrating this technology with acoustic printing has yielded extremely high throughput (three minute-384 well plate) mass spectrometry arrays. In the case of hydrolytic enzyme library screening, if incomplete hydrolysis is observed, the mixture can be screened for additional enzymes that would complete the hydrolysis. As enzymes are added, the mixture can be used to screen for other enzymes to add to the cocktail until the desired conversion of biomass is achieved.
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