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Optimized Radiation Detectors for Well-Logging


Design and demonstrate a bench-top prototype of a commercially viable radiation (neutron and gamma-ray detector) for (d,t) well logging applications. Neutron sources for oil well logging currently utilize radioisotopes such as Am-Be and Cs-137. These sources are currently classified as high priority threats to the security of the United States. Compact neutron generators could potentially replace these sources and DT commercial generators are available that could offer a potential solution for logging-while-drilling and wire line well logging applications. Current gamma radiation detectors that have been used for inelastic scattering and neutron capture spectroscopy as well as quantification of both mineralogy and organic carbon. The detectors must be operated at high temperatures, nominally ~150C and survive high mechanical shocks and vibrations. Gamma detectors that have excellent resolution with high counting rates and the ability to measure high energy gamma-rays (see reference 4). Neutron detectors to replace helium-3 for epithermal and thermal neutrons are also needed to measure total neutrons or the neutron energy spectrum.
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