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The Office of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation Research and Development (NA-22) is focused on enabling the development of next generation technical capabilities for radiation detection of nuclear proliferation activities. As such, the office is interested in the development of radiation detection techniques and sensors, and advanced detection materials, that address the detection and isotope identification of unshielded and shielded special nuclear materials, and other radioactive materials in all environments. In responding to these challenging requirements, recent research and development has resulted in the emergence of radiation detection materials that have good energy resolution. From these materials, the developments of radiation detectors that are rugged, reliable, low power and capable of high-confidence radioisotope identification are sought. Currently, the program is focused on the development of improved capabilities for both scintillator and semiconductor-based radiation detectors. The objective of this topic is to gain insight into a mechanistic understanding of material performance as the base component of radiation detectors. That is, the program is interested in moving beyond the largely empirical approach of discovering and improving detector materials to one based on a clear understanding of basic materials properties.
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