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Technologies and Capabilities, to Improve Sustainment of Radionuclide Technologies--High Reliability, Low Flow Rate, High Pressure Compressor


Requirement Threshold Objective Flow Rate Variable 2 Standard Liters per Minute to 10 Standard Liters per Minute Variable 2 Standard Liters per Minute to 100 Standard Liters per Minute Outlet Pressure (low pressure) 0 -3,000 psig max when filling a pressure vessel Power (ground requirement) 115VAC- 15Amps- 50-60Hz 12 VDC and 115VAC- 15Amps- 50-60Hz Static Pressure (Input Air) 14.7 psia 7.3 psia Humidity 3 % Relative Oil 0 Water 0 MTBF 5 years 10 years Size (compressor) 7.25" (L) x 10.25" (W) x 11.5" (H) for optimal size Weight (compressor) 13 lbs Size (motor) 8 15-16" (L) x 6 1-4" (W) x 6 1-2" (H) with the possibility of drops down space 1 3-4" below the mounting plate. Maintainability(remove and replace) (MTTR) 60 minutes 30 minutes
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