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Technologies and Capabilities, to Improve Sustainment of Radionuclide Technologies--High Reliability, Medium Flow Rate, Low Pressure Compressor


Requirement Threshold Objective Flow Rate 40 Standard Liters per Minute 100 Standard Liters per Minute Outlet Pressure 100 psig outlet pressure Power (ground requirement) 220VAC-3-50-60Hz 115 VAC-50-60Hz-15Amp and 20VAC-1-50-60Hz Static Pressure (Input Air) 14.7 psia 7.3 psia Humidity 3% Relative 10% Relative Oil 0 Water 0 MTBF 5 years Size (compressor) 7.25" (L) x 10.25" (W) x 11.5" (H) for optimal size Weight (compressor) 13 lbs Size (motor) 8 15-16" (L) x 6 1-4" (W) x 6 1-2" (H) with the possibility of drops down space 1 3-4" below the mounting plate. Maintainability (remove and replace) (MTTR) 90 minutes 30 minutes
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