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The DOE High Energy Physics (HEP) program supports a broad research and development (R&D) effort in the science, engineering, and technology of charged particle accelerators, storage rings, and associated apparatus. The strategic plan for HEP includes initiatives on the energy and intensity frontiers, relying on accelerators capable of delivering beams of the required energy and intensity. As high energy physics facilities get bigger and more costly, the DOE HEP program seeks to develop advanced technologies that can be used to reduce the overall machine size and cost, and also to develop new concepts and capabilities that further scientific and commercial needs beyond HEPs discovery science mission. Please note that this year the topics have been grouped by technology, rather than by the High Energy Physics frontier to which they belong, as was done in prior years. In many cases the technology sought is closely tied to a specific machine concept which sets the specifications (and tolerances) for the technology. Applicants are strongly encouraged to review the references provided. Applications to subtopics specifically associated with a machine concept that do not closely adhere to the specifications of the machine will be returned as non-responsive. For subtopics that are not machine-specific (typically labeled General Topics), applicants are strongly advised to understand the state-of-the-art and to clearly describe in the application what quantitative advances in the technology will result.
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