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Particle Beam Sources (Electron and Ion)


1) High Brightness Electron Sources: Grant applications are also sought to demonstrate technologies that support the production of high-peak current (> 5 kA), low-emittance (< 0.15 micrometer) electron bunches (> 100 pC). Novel emittance partitioning concepts are of particular interest, including developing high compression ratio (>20) bunch compressors based on coupled emittance exchangers that suppress effects from coherent synchrotron radiation. 2) Particle Beam Sources for Project-X[1]- High Intensity Proton Sources: Grant applications are sought for the design, and demonstration unit(s), of low emittance DC H sources capable of operating at up to 15 mA with a long lifetime. Long lifetime means greater than one month, minimum, with concurrent high reliability in operations. Of particular interest are sources operating at ~30 keV.
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