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Mechanical and Materials


HEP experiments frequently require high performance detector support that will not compromise the precision of the detectors. Therefore, grant applications are sought for components used to support or integrate detectors into HEP experiments. The support components must be well matched to the detectors. For many experiments the presence of excess material is detrimental. These applications typically require low-mass and extremely rigid materials. Applications include the following: 1) Development of low mass detector support materials. 2) Novel low-mass materials with high thermal conductivity and stiffness. 3) Very high thermal conductivity, radiation tolerant adhesives. 4) Conventional detectors with substantially improved performance through the use of novel material science developments. 5) Improvements to manufacturing processes for radiation sensors and photosensors relevant for high energy physics. 6) 3D printing technology for rapid prototyping of detector components. The improvements should yield better performance, cost, faster production methods, or entirely new methods that make more efficient use of equipment.
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