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Radio Frequency Power Sources


Grant applications are sought to develop designs, computer-modeling, and hardware for 5-20 kW continuous wave (cw) power sources at distinct frequencies in the range of 50-1500 MHz. Examples of candidate technologies include: solid-state devices, multi-cavity klystrons, Inductive-Output Tubes (IOTs), or hybrids of those technologies. Grant applications also are sought to develop computer software for the design or modeling of any of these devices; such software should be able to faithfully model the complex shapes with full self-consistency. Software that integrates multiple effects, such as electromagnetic and wall heating is of particular interest. Grant applications also are sought for a microwave power device, klystron, IOT or tunable-phase stabilized magnetron, offering improved efficiency (>55-60%) while delivering up to 8 kW CW at 1497 MHz. The device must provide a high degree of backwards compatibility, both in size and voltage requirements, to allow its use as a replacement for the klystron (model VKL7811) presently used at Thomas Jefferson Laboratory, while providing significant energy savings.
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