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Polarized Beam Sources and Polarimeters


With respect to polarizing sources, grant applications are sought to develop (1) polarized hydrogen and deuterium (H--D-) 3He sources and-or associated components with polarization above 90%; (2) cw polarized electron sources and-or associated components delivering beams of ~10 mA, with longitudinal polarization greater than 80%; (3) ~28 MHz cw polarized sources delivering beams of ~500 mA, with polarization greater than 80%; and (4) devices, systems, and sub-systems for producing high current (>200A), variable-helicity beams of electrons with polarizations greater than 80%, and which have very small helicity-correlated changes in beam intensity, position, angle, and emittance. Grant applications also are sought to develop (1) methods to improve high voltage stand-off and reduce field emission from high voltage electrodes, compatible with ultra-high-vacuum environments; (2) wavelength-tunable (700 to 850 nm) mode-locked lasers, with pulse repetition rate between 0.5 and 3 GHz and average output power >10 W; (3) a high-average-power (~100 W), green laser light source, with a RF-pulse repetition rate in the range of 0.5 to 3 GHz, for synchronous photoinjection of GaAs photoemission guns; and (4) a cost-effective means to obtain and measure vacuum below 10-12 Torre. Grant applications also are sought for (1) advanced software and hardware to facilitate the manipulation and optimized control of the spin of polarized beams; (2) advanced beam diagnostic concepts, including new beam polarimeters and polarimeter targets and fast reversal of the spin of stored, polarized beams; (3) absolute polarimeters for spin polarized 3He beams with energies up to 160 GeV-nucleon (4) novel concepts for producing polarizing particles of interest to nuclear physics research, including electrons, positrons, protons, deuterons, and 3He; and (5) credible sophisticated computer software for tracking the spin of polarized particles in storage rings and colliders.
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