DoD 2014.1 SBIR Solicitation

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Available Funding Topics

  • A14-001: Gear Coatings for Loss of Lubrication Application
  • A14-002: Innovative Seat Restraint Systems for Troops in Rotorcraft
  • A14-003: Paint Additive for Early Detection of Corrosion
  • A14-004: Electrostatic Methods for Improved Separation of Fine Sand/Dust Particles in Turbine Engines
  • A14-005: Electronic Health Monitoring System Power Source
  • A14-006: Ultra Low Power Electronic Health Monitoring System
  • A14-007: Ceramic Matrix Composite Materials for Transpiration Cooling
  • A14-008: Wide Field of View Primary Optic for Semi-Active Laser Sensor
  • A14-009: High Capacity Materials and Advanced Engineering for Thermal Batteries
  • A14-010: Fragmentation Data Collection and Analysis for JMEMs Arena Tests
  • A14-015: Reproducible high yield production of structural proteins for biologically-derived fibers as an alternative to nylon
  • A14-016: Ultra-low power"system-on-a-chip"integrated circuit for fieldable neurobiological sensing
  • A14-017: Flexible, high-frequency, high-durability, and multifunctional sensor film
  • A14-018: Low-profile antennas using anisotropic/inhomogeneous magneto-dielectric metamaterials
  • A14-019: Development of Micro JP-8 Fuel Injection System for Small Unmanned Aerial and Ground Engines
  • A14-020: Universal Software-Defined Receiver for Assured and Seamless Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT)
  • A14-021: Quantum frequency conversion for quantum communication
  • A14-022: Field Effects for Processing of Ultralightweight Materials with Superior Properties
  • A14-023: Abuse Tolerant High Energy LiCoPO4-Based 5V Li-ion Cells
  • A14-024: Color Matching High Durability Coating for Combat Vehicle Tires and Treads
  • A14-025: Experimental Application of Non-Relational Database Technology for Scaled Simulation Based Training
  • A14-028: Interference Cancellation for Mobile Force Protection Jamming
  • A14-029: Cyber War Gaming
  • A14-030: Fragmented Spectrum Efficiency Manager
  • A14-031: High-Performance, Low-Power, Acceleration-Compensated Oscillator Technology
  • A14-032: Anti-Jam Antennas for GPS Pseudolites and Blue Force Electronic Attack (BFEA) Interference Sources
  • A14-033: Ka- and L-band Imaging Radar
  • A14-034: Current Source for Magnetic Sensor
  • A14-035: Middle Ultraviolet Semiconductor Laser Diode
  • A14-036: High Frequency (HF) Radio Direction Finding
  • A14-037: Digital Readout Integrated Circuit for Infrared Focal Plane Array
  • A14-038: Dismounted Soldier See-through HD Display with Wireless Interface
  • A14-039: Standoff technologies for the detection of Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFPs)
  • A14-040: Secure DIB 1.3 Query Service for Redaction and Fine Grained Access Control
  • A14-041: A LIDAR for Mapping Dense Aerosols
  • A14-042: A Novel Method for Creating Microshear to Aerosolize Packed Powders
  • A14-043: Development of Phage-Quantum Dot Based Diagnostic Tools for Biological Agents
  • A14-044: Ricin Toxin Protective Monoclonal Antibodies with Improved Serum Half-Life
  • A14-045: Modernized Production of Enteric Coated Live, Oral Adenovirus Vaccine
  • A14-046: Antibiotic Decision Support System for Management of Combat Casualties with Severe Infections
  • A14-047: Portable Closed Loop Burn Resuscitation System to Optimize and Automate Fluid Resuscitation of Combat Casualties
  • A14-048: Development of Biocompatible Dressings for the Delivery of Analgesics to Burn Wounds
  • A14-049: Diagnostic Device for Norovirus Gastroenteritis
  • A14-050: Novel Imaging Agents for Tauopathies Associated with Brain Injury
  • A14-051: Secure Wireless Communications for Enroute Combat Casualty Care
  • A14-052: Ultra Low-Power System on a Chip (SoC) for Physiological Status Monitoring (PSM)
  • A14-053: Squad-Multipurpose Equipment Transport Medical Module Payload for Casualty Extraction
  • A14-054: Mobile Military CO2 Refrigeration
  • A14-055: Development of Tool to Assess the Impact of"Off-shade/Specification"Samples on Visual and Signature Performance Requirements
  • A14-056: Technology to Support Non-destructive Inspection of Helicopter Sling Load (HSL) Slings and Textiles
  • A14-057: Innovative Anti-Fog Technology for Personal Protection Eyewear
  • A14-058: Novel Power Solutions for Fuzing and Munitions Applications
  • A14-059: Printed Low Voltage Munition Ignition Bridge
  • A14-060: OH-58F Flight Control Authority and Architecture Investigation
  • A14-061: High Capability Off-Road Active Suspension System
  • A14-062: Real-Time and Simplified Sensors to Support Mobile Wastewater Treatment
  • A14-063: High Voltage Pulse Forming Network (PFN) Capacitor
  • A14-064: Hot Stamping of Thick Gage Armored Steels
  • A14-065: Electronic Warfare Battle Damage Assessment
  • A14-066: Pseudo-Satellite Antenna for GPS Signal Rebroadcast
  • A14-067: All Digital Radar
  • A14-068: Reduced Drag Connector for Hellfire Missile
  • A14-069: Dynamic Infrared Projections: Time/Posture Thermal Representation and SAF Integration
  • A14-070: Orientation Tracking in the Live and Virtual Training and Testing Environments
  • A14-071: Explosive Pulsed Power: Ferroelectric Generators for Advanced Munitions
  • A14-072: Advanced Security Architectures for Mobile Computing Platforms
  • A14-073: Bipolar Lead Acid Batteries for Military Vehicle Application
  • A14-074: Rapid Prediction of Convective Heat Transfer for Thermal Signature Analysis
  • A14-075: Reliability-Based Design Optimization Software Package for Broader Simulation-Based Design Applications
  • A14-076: Sulfur Tolerant JP-8 Reformer
  • A14-077: Adaptive Inter-Cylinder Output Balancing System (AICOBS)
  • A14-078: Flame, Smoke and Toxicity Resistant Recoverable Interior Trim Energy Absorption Material
  • A14-079: Polymer Based Material to Improve Low-Speed Impact and Abrasion Resistance of Transparent Armor
  • A14-080: Improved Lateral Stability for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Convoys

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