DoD 2014.1 SBIR Solicitation

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Available Funding Topics

  • N141-001: Alternative Energy Sources for Heating Rations
  • N141-002: Reduced Hazard Antenna
  • N141-003: Innovative Signal Processing Techniques for Mitigation of Wind Turbine Farm Interference in Airborne Radar Systems
  • N141-004: Fully Integrated Low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) and Cost Magnetometers for Air and In-Water Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW)
  • N141-005: Ruggedized Narrow-Linewidth 1550nm Laser
  • N141-006: Distributed Synthetic Environment Correlation Assessment Architecture and Metrics
  • N141-007: Automated Warhead Characterization
  • N141-008: Power scaling of blue lasers with high peak-power and repetition rate for detection of underwater objects
  • N141-009: Autonomous Environmental Sensor Performance Prediction Tool for Multi-Static Active and Passive Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Systems
  • N141-010: Development of Analysis Techniques for Predicting Magnetic Anomaly Detection (MAD) Equipped UAV Performance in Naval Anti-Submarine Warfare Environment.
  • N141-011: Advancements in Solid Ramjet Fuel Development
  • N141-012: Method for the Detection of Voids Underneath Aluminum Matting - 2 (AM-2)
  • N141-013: Ruggedized Wideband High Power Balanced Photodiode Receiver
  • N141-014: Low Magnetic Signature Expendable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW)
  • N141-015: Low Profile antenna for Multi-Band (X, Ku, and Ka SATCOM) including potential option for Ku band Tactical Common Data Link (TCDL)
  • N141-016: Persistent Maritime Target Tracking Using Automated Target Fingerprinting and Discrimination
  • N141-017: Environmentally Friendly Alternative Synthesis and Process to Manufacture Cost-Effective Hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane (CL-20)
  • N141-018: Efficient 3-D Imaging of Vessels for Improved Classification and Persistent Tracking
  • N141-019: Applying Advanced Human Engineering Methods to Mission Planning for Multi-Manned or Unmanned Air Vehicles
  • N141-020: Enhanced Small-Target Detection and Tracking Using a Mode-Adaptive Constant False Alarm Rate (CFAR) Detector
  • N141-021: Improved Reliability Laser Based Ignition System
  • N141-022: Net-Centric Collaborative Environment for Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)
  • N141-023: Wireless Monitoring of Hydraulic Actuators for Reducing Total Ownership Costs (TOC)
  • N141-024: Galley-Scullery Water Conservation System (GSWCS)
  • N141-025: Improved Periscope Video Pre-Processing
  • N141-026: Innovative Velocity Sensors
  • N141-027: Submarine Combat Systems Advanced Processor Build (APB) Operations Learning Environment
  • N141-028: SONAR Visual Reconstruction Environment (SVRE)
  • N141-029: Advanced Submarine Monitoring with Improved Diagnostics and Prognostics
  • N141-030: Sense and Respond Technology Enabling Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)
  • N141-031: Innovative Power Control System Software Utilizing Smart-grid / Micro-grid Technology for Naval Applications
  • N141-032: Simulation of Mechanical System Kinematic Operation Subsequent to High Intensity Loading
  • N141-033: Application of Phase Noise Discrimination to Electronic Warfare (EW)
  • N141-034: Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) Compatible Phase Shifters for Phased-Array Radars
  • N141-035: JTRS Compliant Waveform for LCS Unmanned Vehicle Communications
  • N141-036: Surface Composite Tracker Component
  • N141-037: Information Extraction and Scoring System
  • N141-038: Coating for Electromagnetic / Radio Frequency Interference (EMI/RFI) Attenuation
  • N141-039: Active Sonar Interference Avoidance Planning
  • N141-040: Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) Compatible High Power RF Switches
  • N141-041: Adaptable Standardized Modular Infrastructure for Optimal Space Utilization
  • N141-042: Autonomous or Remotely-operated Maintenance of Ships"Tanks
  • N141-043: Improved, Flexible Infrastructure Compatible, Open-Loop Air-Cooled Computer Rack / Cabinet
  • N141-044: In-line Testing of Fuel & Lube Oil
  • N141-045: Rapid Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Tool-path Programming
  • N141-046: System-agnostic Mission Data Recording and Reconstruction for Surface Combatants
  • N141-047: Multiple Sonobuoy Data Association and Classification
  • N141-048: LCS Unmanned Vehicle Sensor Data Compression
  • N141-049: Operational Console Modernization Tool
  • N141-050: Intelligent Information Algorithm for Electronic and Computer Network Systems
  • N141-051: Thin Walled Corrosion Resistant Steel (CRES) Pipe Inspections
  • N141-052: Thin Walled Corrosion Resistant Steel (CRES) Pipe Leak Repair
  • N141-053: Compact High Speed Signal Processor
  • N141-054: Predictive Condition-Based Maintenance for High-Powered Phased Array Radar Systems
  • N141-055: Automated Function Point Analysis
  • N141-056: Waterproof Towed Array Hosewall
  • N141-057: Innovative Approach for Modeling the Impact of Paint Gloss on Visual and Near IR Detection
  • N141-058: High Sea State Automated Deployment and Retrieval of Towed Bodies from a Small Surface Platform
  • N141-059: Threat Agnostic, Guided Expendable Decoy (TAgGED)
  • N141-060: Flexible Solid State High Power Radio Frequency (HPRF) Test Capability
  • N141-061: Sensing and Control Technology to Assist in Vehicle Launch and Recovery
  • N141-062: Aluminum Alloy Development and Use in Additive Manufacturing Process Design for Drive System Gear Boxes
  • N141-063: Advance Growth Methods for Aligned and Ultra-long Carbon Nanotubes for Naval Applications
  • N141-064: MgB2 Power and High Frequency Data Leads
  • N141-065: Large Time Band Width Product Signal Acquisition Processors
  • N141-066: Low-Profile, Broadband, Shear-Mode SONAR Transducer for Deep Submergence Applications
  • N141-067: Adaptive Radar Detection Approaches for Low-RCS Maritime Vessels in Highly Variable Clutter Conditions
  • N141-068: Advanced Two-Phase Heat Exchangers for Environmental Control
  • N141-069: Compact, Collapsible, or Conformal Antenna Design for Emerging High Power Radio Frequency (HPRF) Sources
  • N141-070: In-node Processing for Low Power Target Detection, Classification, Localization, & Tracking
  • N141-071: Information Triage Engine: User-Composable Automation for the Dynamic Management of Text-Based Information
  • N141-072: Deflagration Efficiencies in Metals
  • N141-073: Multi-Stage, Multi-Phase, High Efficiency, Intelligent, Electrical Energy Conversion Unit for Navy and USMC
  • N141-074: Robust Matrices for 2700F Ceramic Matrix Composites
  • N141-075: Pattern of Life Calculation from Big Graphs
  • N141-076: Attention-Based Vision for Autonomous Vehicles
  • N141-077: Low-Light, Low Cost Passive Terrain Sensing
  • N141-078: Develop a Methodology for Cyber-Electronic Warfare Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) using Game Theory
  • N141-079: BFTN(e) Multi-Layer Spatial Multiplexer (MLSM) for RF Networking
  • N141-080: Innovative and Cost-Effective Thermal Protection Systems for Navy Reentry Bodies
  • N141-081: Signals of Opportunity as a Covert Alternative Fix Source for Submarines While Submerged
  • N141-082: Non-Linear Behavior Models for Design of Carbon-Carbon Composite Components

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