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Decontamination and Waste Treatment/Disposal


  • Innovative technologies for decontamination of cesium (resulting from a Radiological Dispersal Device or a Nuclear Power Plant Accident) from porous surfaces typically found in the urban environment. Ideally, this technology would be:
    • Effective - greater than 90 % effective for removal of Cs on aged concrete after 1 application is desirable (estimate at least 2 weeks before decontamination would occur after an RDD or NPP accident)
    • Scalable - able to be implemented over a wide area at a rapid rate with a minimum application rate of 20 m2/hour
    • Easy to implement - requires minimal skills to operate the technology
    • Non hazardous - additional personal protective equipment (PPE) not required beyond what is used for a radiological hazard
    • Resulting waste volume can be minimized
    • Ideally non-damaging to infrastructure (have near neutral pH, be non-staining, no residual odor, etc.).
    • Potentially applicable to other metal contaminants (to increase the market for the product).
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