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People Prosperity and the Planet (P3) Special Funding Opportunity


In order to achieve environmental sustainability and expand on the successes of previously funded P3 research projects (2004-2012), EPA plans to leverage the sustainable solutions developed by P3 awardees with the commercial focus of SBIR.  Specifically, a special funding opportunity (SFO) (which is in addition to the funding opportunity above) has been created to support P3 teams that have formed small businesses. It is anticipated that EPA’s SBIR program will award $500,000 in firm fixed-price contracts at a maximum dollar amount of $100,000 each.  Notice that this special funding opportunity is available only to P3 awardees that have formed small businesses.  To be considered for this SFO, in addition to being a former or current P3 Phase I or Phase II awardee, applicants must meet all applicable guidelines for SBIR companies as described above.  In order to be eligible, companies submitting proposals to this P3 SFO must identify their specific P3 reference the P3 grant number(s), name the current employee(s) that were on the original P3 team, and demonstrate direct links among original P3 project, their current business and the project being submitted under this SBIR solicitation.  At least one employee of the company applying must have been on the original P3 team.  Companies cannot have concurrent P3 and SBIR awards.

P3 Background

Increased awareness and understanding of sustainability are critical components for promoting a systematic shift towards more environmentally benign and sustainable products, processes, and systems. It is essential that all involved in the design, discovery, demonstration, and implementation of sustainable innovations understand the fundamental techniques and principles that underlie sustainability. 

P3 focuses on scientific projects and engineering designs that address the three components of sustainability: people, prosperity and the planet. The P3 Program is intended to support science-based projects and designs developed by interdisciplinary student teams that benefit people by improving their quality of life, promote prosperity by developing local economies, and protect the planet by conserving resources and minimizing pollution.

EPA’s P3 Program has identified the following four strategic program goals.

Goal 1: Engage and educate the next generation of scientists, engineers, and the greater academic and external communities in the principles of sustainability.

Goal 2: Spark innovation and sustainable technologies through research and development conducted by the P3 projects.

Goal 3: Support the demonstration of sustainable technologies around the world.

Goal 4: Foster the development of small businesses rooted in sustainability.

More about information about the P3 program is available at P3: People, Prosperity and the Planet Student Design Competition for Sustainability

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