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Food Science and Nutrition




The Food Science and Nutrition topiarea aims to fund projectthat supporresearch focusing on developing new and improved processes, technologies, or services that address emerginfood safety, food processing and nutrition issuesThe program will fund projects:  1Increasthe understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics ofood; 2) Improvmethods for the processing and packaging of food productto improve the quality and nutritional value of foods; and 3) Develop programs or productthat increase the consumption of healthy foods and reduce childhood obesity. The outcome of a successful projecis a proof of concept for a marketablitem or patented process.


The long tergoals (10 years) of the program arto commercialize the production of useful newfood products, processes, materials, and systems that reduce food-borne illness, obesity and enhance the nutritional quality and value of foods.


FY2016 Research Priorities:


Examples of appropriate subtopics for research applicationfrom small businesses include, but are not limited to, thfollowing: 


1.     Food Safety: Developing technologies for the rapid detection of food borne hazards (microorganisms, chemicals, toxins) during pre- and post-harvest processing and distribution.


2.     Food- Quality-Engineering: Developing innovative food processing and packaging technologies and materials that reduce post-harvest losses in produce while maintaining safety and quality. 


3.     Food Quality- Science:Understanding the physical, biological, and chemical interactions and functionality of food in order to develop affordable food ingredients and/or food formulations that contribute to the development of high quality foods. 


4.     Nutrition – Education: Developing and implementing interactive programs for nutrition educatorand teachertincrease nutrition awareness and improve healtto address obesity among children. 


5.     Nutrition- Science: Improve functionality and efficacy of foods, nutrients and/or dietary bioactive components in promoting health.



ContacDr. Jodi Williams, NPL for SBIR Food Scienceand Nutrition at or (202) 720-6145 regarding questions about the topic area or to arrange a telephone consultation.

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