Tibbetts Awards Hall of Fame 1996


Year Individual/ Company Name State Web URL
1996 I Samy E.G. Elias NE  
1996 I Roland Tibbetts VA  
1996 I Robert Dean, Jr., ScD, Synery Reserach Coproration NH  
1996 I Milton D. Stewart and Joan Stewart AZ  
1996 I Melvin Ustad SD  
1996 I Mark Henry OR  
1996 I Connie Jacobs VA  
1996 I Chris W. Busch MT  
1996 C Academic Software, Inc. KY https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/68454
1996 C ADA Technologies, Inc. CO https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/70780
1996 C Advanced Ceramics Research AZ https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/355269
1996 C Advanced Technology Development Center GA  
1996 C Advanced Technology Materials, Inc. (ATMI) CT  
1996 C AGSCO, Inc. ND https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/82264
1996 C Alternative System Concepts, Inc. NH https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/86114
1996 C Applied Science and Technology, Inc. MA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/93916
1996 C Arizona Innovation Network AZ  
1996 C AstroPower, Inc. DE https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/98926
1996 C Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation VA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/101307
1996 C Automation and Robotics Research Institute TX  
1996 C Bio-Imaging Research, Inc. IL https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/107888
1996 C Center for Advanced Technology Development (CATD) IA  
1996 C Center for Applied Technology SC  
1996 C Center for Inovation ND  
1996 C CFD Research Corporation AL https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/121354
1996 C Cheney Weeder Manufacturing., Inc. WA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/124737
1996 C Chicory Farm LA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/125265
1996 C Cole Engineering AR https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/128776
1996 C Concensus Technologeis Corporation OH  
1996 C Connecticut Innovations, Inc. CT  
1996 C Control Vision, Inc. ID https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/394079
1996 C Enox Technologies, Inc. MA  
1996 C Grey Fox Technologies, Inc. MA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/177939
1996 C Global Aircraft Corporation MS https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/176089
1996 C High Technology Development Corporation HI https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/181417
1996 C Integrated Systems, Inc. CA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/369201
1996 C IntelliTools, Inc. CA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/200247
1996 C Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation (KTEC) KS https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/207418
1996 C Los Alamos Economic Development Corporation NM  
1996 C LI-VI, Inc. PA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/187132
1996 C MERRA Specialty SBDC MI  
1996 C Microflip, Inc. MD https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/234183
1996 C Mikros System Corporation NJ https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/235855
1996 C Minnesota Project Innovation, Inc. MN  
1996 C National Recovery Technologies, LLC TN https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/701308
1996 C New York State Center for Advanced Thin Film Technology NY  
1996 C Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science & Technology OK  
1996 C OptiComp NV https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/257332
1996 C Orbital Technologies, Corporation WI https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/259309
1996 C Production Products Manufacutring and Sales (PPMS) MO  
1996 C Sabbagh Associates, Inc. IN https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/295959
1996 C SBIR Advisory Council of North Carolina NC  
1996 C Schwartz Electro-Optics, Inc. FL https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/298377
1996 C SDL, Inc. CA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/301870
1996 C Secure Computing Corporation MN https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/303012
1996 C SETS Technology HI https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/305648
1996 C SI Diamond Technology, Inc. TX https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/295668
1996 C Synthetic Technology Corporation HI https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/323280
1996 C Team LoFlyte TN  
1996 C Technology Systems, Inc. ME  
1996 C TPL, Inc. NM https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/336308
1996 C Tygart Technology Incorporated WV https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/340005
1996 C U S West, Inc. CO  
1996 C Utah Technology Finance Corporation UT  
1996 C VMS Consulting Engineers NY https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/348037
1996 C VT Epscor VT  
1996 C Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company WY https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/350801
1996 C Wisconsin Small Busness Innovation Consortium (WiSBIC) WI  
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