Tibbetts Awards Hall of Fame 1998

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Year Individual/ Company Name State Web URL
1998 I Ann Eskesen MA  
1998 I Belva Williams DC  
1998 I Bruce Gjovig IL  
1998 I C. Dan Brand AK  
1998 I Charles Cleland MD  
1998 I Dwight Carlson ME  
1998 I James J. Kelly VA  
1998 I Roger Crane DC  
1998 I Walter H. Plosila WY  
1998 C 8VA Corp. IA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/76285
1998 C AbTech Corp. VA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/68280
1998 C Academic Software, Inc. KY https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/68454
1998 C Advancia Corp. MO  
1998 C Alaska Technology Transfer Center AL  
1998 C AndCare, Inc. NC  
1998 C Architecture Technology Corp. MN https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/96167
1998 C Bevilacqua Research Corp. AL https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/106601
1998 C Bio Acoustics Technology Corp. NH https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/106936
1998 C Brewer Science, Inc. MO https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/113852
1998 C CHA Corp. WY https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/122414
1998 C CHT Engineering Systems SD https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/125723
1998 C Compact Membrane Systems DE https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/130036
1998 C CuraGen CT https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/139394
1998 C Dragon Systems Inc. MA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/148835
1998 C El Dorado Engineering, Inc. UT https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/153477
1998 C Electrical Geodesics OR https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/153692
1998 C Electronic Concepts and Engineering, Inc. OH  
1998 C Electro-Radiation, Inc. NJ https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/154825
1998 C F&S, Inc. MD  
1998 C Global Aircraft Corp. MS https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/176089
1998 C GMA Industries, Inc. MD https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/176743
1998 C Hawaii Biotechology Group, Inc. HI  
1998 C Interactive Pictures Corporation TN  
1998 C IonEdge Corp. CO https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/202743
1998 C Isothermal Sytems, Research, Inc. WA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/139270
1998 C Kelly Space and Technoloy, Inc. CA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/208235
1998 C Leap of Faith Technologies, Inc. IL https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/214624
1998 C LSP Technologies, Inc. OH https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/218680
1998 C Maine SBIR Assistance Program ME  
1998 C Materials & Electrochemical Research AZ https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/223891
1998 C MicroCoating Technologies GA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/118922
1998 C MicroStrain, Inc. VT https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/234911
1998 C Millitech Corp. MA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/236204
1998 C Modus Operandi, Inc. FL https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/238243
1998 C Montec Associates, Inc. MT  
1998 C OptiComp Corp. NV https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/257332
1998 C Optigain, Inc. RI https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/257504
1998 C ORINCON Corp. CA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/260355
1998 C Pinnacle Technology, Inc. KS https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/406319
1998 C Poly-Med, Inc. SC https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/278257
1998 C Precision Combustion, Inc. CT https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/279694
1998 C Precision Irrigation Control Systems, Inc. ID https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/279922
1998 C RedZone Robotics, Inc. PA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/290719
1998 C Safety by Design, Inc. NE https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/296145
1998 C Southwest Sciences, Inc. NM https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/312025
1998 C Space Hardware Optimization Technology, Inc. IN  
1998 C Systems & Processes Engineering Corp. TX https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/323862
1998 C Technology International Inc. VA  
1998 C TextWise LLC NY https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/331913
1998 C Third Wave Technologies, Inc. WI https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/333738
1998 C Touchstone Research Laboratory, Ltd. WV https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/335623
1998 C TREC, Inc. AL https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/337508

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