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Tibbetts Awards Hall of Fame 2001

Year Individual/ Company Name State Web URL
2001 I Product Manager, Aircrew Integrated Systems AL  
2001 I Lee Eiden DC  
2001 I Thomas J. Bond III DC  
2001 I J. Mark Weber Ph.D. IL  
2001 I Robert R. Thornberg ND  
2001 I Robert Hancock NM  
2001 I Dinesh C. Patel, Ph.D. UT  
2001 I John Williams VA  
2001 I Roland E. Berg VA  
2001 I Janice St. Onge VT  
2001 I David E. Walrath Ph.D. WY  
2001 C Space Photonics, Inc. AK
2001 C Materials and Electrochemical Corp. AZ
2001 C Pipeline Technologies, Inc. AZ
2001 C Scientific Monitoring, Inc. AZ
2001 C Simula Safety Systems, Inc. AZ
2001 C Alpha Star Corporation CA
2001 C Valdez & Associates CA
2001 C Virage, Inc. CA
2001 C SEAKR Engineering, Inc. CO
2001 C DeMaria ElectroOptics Systems, Inc. CT
2001 C State of the Art, Inc. D.C.
2001 C H.N. Burns Engineering Corporation FL
2001 C The Mammatech Corporation FL
2001 C Jo Ann Johnston & Co. HI
2001 C MTI BioTech IA  
2001 C Communication Disorders Technology, Inc. IN
2001 o Louisiana Business & Technology Center LA  
2001 C Foster-Miller, Inc. MA
2001 C Gwathmey, Inc. MA
2001 C Inflexxion MA
2001 C Aeptec Microsystems, Inc. MD  
2001 C Genex Technologies, Inc. MD
2001 C ImmuCell Corporation ME
2001 C LVAD Technology, Inc. MI
2001 C Gradient Technology MN
2001 C Cutting Edge Optronics MO
2001 C MPI Software Technology, Inc. MS
2001 C AdvR, Inc. MT
2001 C 3TEX, Inc. NC
2001 C Medcor Interactive, Inc. NC  
2001 C GT Equipment Technologies, Inc. NH
2001 C Discovery Semiconductors Inc. NJ
2001 C Sensors Unlimited, Inc. NJ
2001 C Technology Ventures Corporation NM  
2001 C Cox & Company, Inc. NY
2001 C Integrated Sensors, Inc. NY
2001 C Creative Action Inc. OH
2001 C Imaging Systems Technology OH
2001 C Sierra Lobo, Inc. OH
2001 C Wright Materials Research Co. OH
2001 C Sciperio, Inc. OK
2001 C CHI Systems Inc. PA
2001 C Laser Fare Advanced Technology Group RI
2001 C ASTER, Inc. SC
2001 C Star Technology and Research, Inc. SC
2001 C RealTronics Corporation SD
2001 C Atmospheric Glow Technologies TN
2001 C Argon Engineering VA
2001 C Aviation Applied Technology Directorate VA  
2001 C Lynne Gilfillan Associates (LGA), Inc. VA
2001 C Space Projects LTD. VA
2001 C The Degge Group, LtD. VA
2001 C Stirling Technology Company WA  
2001 C White Point systems, Inc. WA
2001 C DNASTAR Inc. WI
2001 C Gala Design, Inc. WI
2001 C Touchstone Research Laboratory, Ltd. WV
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