Tibbetts Awards Hall of Fame 2007

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Year Individual/ Company Name State Web URL
2007 I Eric Adolphe, Esq VA --
2007 I Houston Baker MD --
2007 I Mark Bakotic MS --
2007 I Dr. James I. Finley DC --
2007 I Patty Forbes DC --
2007 I Ray Friesenhahn MT --
2007 I Marvin L. Gale OH --
2007 I Abdulbaasit Saijid CA --
2007 I Deborah Santy CT --
2007 I Chyau Shen MD --
2007 I Vice Admiral Paul E. Sullivan DC --
2007 C Advanced Acoustic Concepts PA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/73091
2007 C Advanced Technologies Group, Inc. FL https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/78043
2007 C Amethyst Research, Inc. OK https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/355512
2007 C Aptima, Inc. MA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/95053
2007 C Archinoetics, LLC HI https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/96127
2007 C Architecture Technology Corporation MN https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/96167
2007 C ASSETT Inc. VA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/98656
2007 C Clinical Tools, Inc. NC https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/127065
2007 C Compact Membrane Systems, Inc. DE https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/130036
2007 C DDOTS, Inc. MI https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/143060
2007 C Decisive Analytics Corporation VA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/143597
2007 C Freight Pipeline Company MO https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/170196
2007 C Harmonia Inc. VA https://www.sbir.gov/sbc/harmonia-holding-group-llc
2007 C Healia WA --
2007 C HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. OR https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/180836
2007 C Imaginestics, LLC IN https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/187719
2007 C Intelligent Automation, Inc. MD https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/198064
2007 C Invistics Corporation GA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/202333
2007 C Javelin Pharmaceuticals, Inc MA --
2007 C JEM Engineering MD https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/205733
2007 C Key Technologies, Inc. MD https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/209702
2007 C Kigre, Inc. SC https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/209851
2007 C MCA Solutions PA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/227463
2007 C Medgraph, Inc. NY https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/228127
2007 C Menssana Research, Inc. NJ https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/229962
2007 C Minnesota Wire and Cable Company MN https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/236510
2007 C MSTRS Technologies, Inc. IA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/240932
2007 C NAVSYS Corporation CO https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/242287?page=4
2007 C North Carolina SBTDC NC --
2007 C NVE Corporation MN https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/670870
2007 C Optical Air Data Systems, LLC VA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/257000
2007 C Orbital Research Inc. OH https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/259119
2007 C Pacific Northwest National Laboratory WA --
2007 C Paragon Space Development Corporation AZ https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/263215
2007 C Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc. RI https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/281396
2007 C QED Technologies International, Inc. NY https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/284659
2007 C RL Associates, Inc. PA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/293946
2007 C Southwest Sciences, Inc. NM https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/312025
2007 C SWeNT (SouthWest NanoTechnologies, Inc.) OK https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/312017
2007 C TeachTown WA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/16556
2007 C The Design Knowledge Company OH https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/332127
2007 C Touchstone Research Laboratory, Ltd. WV https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/335623
2007 C Trident Systems Incorporated VA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/338019
2007 C TRS Technologies PA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/120041
2007 C Ultra-Scan Corporation NY https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/341406
2007 C Vida Health Communications MA https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/345971
2007 C Vidacare Corporation TX https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/346001
2007 C WetStone Technologies NY https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/350589
2007 C Wright Materials Research Co. OH https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/351772
2007 C Xilas Medical, Inc. TX https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/296387

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