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Air and Climate


Industrial and energy production processes emit a variety of contaminants into the air. Some of these contaminants are directly toxic to human health and the environment, some are greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and, thereby, indirectly affect human health and the environment, and some are both. The EPA uses a variety of approaches to address these issues, including requiring the use of control technologies, setting emission and air quality standards, creating voluntary programs to achieve or go beyond compliance with standards, and doing R&D to create and validate the performance of monitoring devices and technologies that enable prevention, treatment, recycling, and disposal of contaminants and contaminated media.

With this in mind, EPA is interested in supporting the development and commercialization of innovative technologies that address the following topic.

  • 1A: Lab-on-a-chip sensors for organic pollutants in homes: Lab-on-a-chip sensors for very affordable, in-home, real-time, and continuous measurement and reporting of multiple (not single) organic contaminants at trace (parts per trillion) concentrations that can be easily deployed and results understood by the homeowner or resident.
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