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Water Conservation, Treatment and Reuse, Waste Minimization, Recyclingand Environmental Sustainability


 Proposed projects may present novel process and product technologies for pollution prevention, technologies that dramatically reduce water usage in industrial and domestic/municipal use; technologies that lead to more efficient use of water as a resource; technologies leading to substantial reduction or even elimination of industrial water usage by developing sustainable alternatives. Technologies proposed could involve energy efficient water/wastewater treatment approaches that minimize the energy usage in treatment or remove pollutants from industrial and municipal wastewater that have a significant short term and/or long term environmental, ecological, and economic impact. Technologies proposed should be significant breakthroughs or enhancements relative to the current state of the art and seek to address current and emerging industrial/municipal and agricultural challenges with water conservation, use, recycle, and treatment. The proposed projects could seek to develop technology solutions spanning a broad spectrum of operational arenas including point of use, portable, off-grid, and fixed installations for domestic, municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications to enhance waste minimization, water and wastewater treatment, water resource recycle , reuse, and conservation. Projects of interest may seek to develop technologies that facilitate recycle, reprocessing of post-consumer and industrial waste, waste chemical, polymeric materials, plastics etc ., into products of commercial use and value. Projects may include the development of technologies (smart sensors, novel process equipment, novel process technology designs, etc.) that facilitate more efficient operation of production processes and waste minimization in any aspect of commerce or industrial production/manufacturing operations.

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