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Global andCollaborativeEducation


EA 2 topics can include 1) innovative applications that use online learning, hybrid learning, crowdsourcing, collective intelligence, and collaborative models with new tools with the potential to deliver new and powerful educational opportunities in STEM disciplines; 2) learning environments that allow students to control and experiment with educational situations in relationship to their personal learning style to acquire knowledge anytime, anywhere; 3) technologies that enable innovative forms of educational collaboration across national boundaries; 4) learning applications that provide for better decision making and informed judgments about problems and situations affecting global issues related to theory, education technology, and data; 5) projects in which technology allows the tailoring of learning experiences to special needs and interests of groups or individuals or allows expanding formal education beyond classroom settings; 6) applications that support and promote cultural diversity, international awareness, and understanding; 7) interoperable mobile learning environments that enable students to access and connect to vast resources of knowledge, wherever they may be located, through smart phones, tablets, wearable devices, or tools that have yet to be developed; 8) virtual and remote laboratories that enhance the physical science laboratory for use in global and distance learning to leverage the availability of equipment that may otherwise be unavailable; 9) natural voice, video, and online learning tools that humanize the online learning experience such as mimicking and detecting face-to-face experiences and interactions to communicate more authentically in a global environment; 10) gesture-based computing applications, semantic analysis, and intuitive technology tools that enable individual and collaborative work with multiple students interacting on content simultaneously; and 11) sensors and systems that detect student engagement, frustration, or boredom while providing real time feedback to both students and teachers.

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