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Polymers and Plastics Technology


Proposals pursuing new and novel chemical and biochemical routes to making novel polymers, plastics and polymeric materials with unique and novel properties and functionality for commercial applications would be relevant to this topic. Proposals could include technologies related to production of novel sustainable polymeric materials and plastics. Projects may focus on novel approaches to produce biobased polymers that are cost competitive with petroleum based products; that possess superior engineering performance characteristics compared to existing commercial products; show enhanced biodegradability; result in reduced toxicity, superior recyclability. Projects may involve (but are not limited to) the development of products such as novel polymeric materials; bioplastics; biosurfactants; sustainable packaging materials for food and non-food applications; self-healing polymers; products from recycled materials or from a bio-based or renewable feed stock source; bioengineered plastics and biochemically produced polymers and precursors that lead to more sustainable, greener replacements to current polymers and polymeric products. Projects of interest may seek to develop technologies that facilitate recycle, and conversion of post-consumer and industrial waste, waste polymeric materials, plastics, etc, into products for broad commercial reuse.

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