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Sustainable Technologies for Energy Efficiency, Capture, Storage and Use


Proposed projects might include novel technology and approaches for the direct capture, conversion, storage, and use of any renewable energy sources; and waste heat recovery. Projects may include novel technology that leads to substantial enhancement in energy storage capacity, energy use efficiency, energy management, and energy recovery from waste streams compared to currently available technologies in any applications, including (but not limited to) residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Technologies may include combinations of mechanical, electrical, electrochemical, chemical/material, and biochemical approaches. Innovations for existing or novel energy storage techniques (such as batteries, capacitors, supercapacitors) are also relevant; nature-inspired processes for sustainable energy generation or capture; innovations in lubrication/tribology leading to reduced energy intensity in the chemical process industry; portable energy generation technologies that completely rely on renewable sources to allow supporting industrial energy needs in remote off-grid and underdeveloped economic regions.

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