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Water, Waste Treatment, and Environmental Sustainability


Proposed projects may present novel process and product technologies for commercially attractive energy efficient pollution prevention, treatment and remediation, water treatment (drinking water and wastewater), as well as novel technologies for energy efficient recycle and the reuse of water and waste streams. Technologies proposed should be significant breakthroughs or enhancements relative to the current state of the art and seek to address current and emerging industrial/municipal and agricultural needs, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. The proposed projects could seek to develop solutions spanning a broad spectrum of operational scales including point of use, portable, off-grid, and fixed installations for municipal, industrial, and agricultural waste, water and wastewater treatment, and recycle and reuse. Projects of interest may seek to develop technologies that facilitate recycle, and conversion of post-consumer and industrial waste, waste chemical, polymeric materials, plastics, etc,into products of commercial use and value.

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