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Food and Pharmaceutical Process Technology


Proposals of interest could involve developing novel engineering solutions to new food and pharma production challenges; innovative process technology and sustainable routes to end products; new process engineering, unit operations, separations, purification approaches applied to food and pharma production; technology for improved process monitoring, control, and sensing technologies for quality and safety; novel food and pharma storage technologies; sustainable packaging materials; innovations that conserve the food supply and lead to lower wastage in the supply chain from farm to consumer; intelligent/active/smart packaging for food and pharma safety and protection in the supply chain; real-time microbial contamination sensing and control, improvements in speed, reliability, and efficacy in the detection of contamination, adulteration, chemical degradation; technologies to enhance process safety and sanitation; new materials and benign coatings for food and pharma processing, handling and storage in industrial and domestic use; food and pharma ingredient traceability; and real-time detection of chemical and microbiological hazards. Proposals may bring forth innovations to solve significant process development and scale-up challenges in development of new pharmaceutical processes.

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