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Environmental Pollution Control and Mitigation


Proposed projects may include methods to reduce human ecological and environmental impacts; microbial contamination sensing and control; the removal of toxic compounds from the environment and from consumer products to enhance human and animal safety; pathogen and toxin diagnostics technologies; novel bioremediation technologies; air pollution monitoring , mitigation and removal of gaseous pollutants and particulates ; technologies that reduce and remove greenhouse gases by converting them to useful products; improvements in environmental compatibility and sustainability of manufacturing/production/processing operations. Projects could involve real-time sensing, internet-enabled distributed and networked systems and smart devices/sensors/analyzers for local and remote environmental (soil, water and air) pollution monitoring , control, and minimization; innovations that use big data from sensor networks for pollution tracking and monitoring; technologies that enhance safe operation of hazardous and toxic chemical/industrial process manufacturing/operations; innovations that provide superior end-of-life handling and disposal technologies of equipment/material etc., that eliminate pollution, environmental, and public health impact would be relevant.

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