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Sustainable Wood-based Products and Agriculture


Technologies that allow for the more effective use of renewable forestry as a biomass feedstock through biochemical, bioengineered, or green chemistry pathways for the production of wood-based fuels and industrial chemicals, such as cellulosic fibers, lignin-based materials, plastics from cellulose, food packaging and building materials, coatings, sealants, elastomers, adhesives, etc. Technologies that allow for the more efficient processing of wood for industrial use and technologies that enhance the renewal and management of forests for sustainable industrial and commercial use would be relevant. Technologies that increase the efficiency of nutrient assimilation; green pesticides, herbicides and insecticides; plant and agricultural biotechnology innovations; drought tolerance and resistance; sustainable and commercially viable precision agricultural and forestry technologies; high productivity harvesting technology; soil, environmental sensing, and monitoring technologies that improve forest and agricultural crop management and productivity, reduce carbon foot print, and enhance the sustainability of silviculture/agricultural practices.

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