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Smart Production and Process Equipment Technology


Proposals may involve innovations that seek the use of smart production technology, systems, and devices to enhance the energy efficiency, sustainability, and resource utilization efficiency of existing and new manufacturing capacity in energy and resource-intensive industrial production processes including (but not limited to) energy production, chemicals, materials, cement, metals, and mining industries. Proposals may include innovations based on the use of real time data applied to the safe, efficient, automated, sustainable and fault tolerant operation of process plants. The effective use of big data for enhancements in smart manufacturing systems; improvements in managing the sustainability of industrial supply chains; dynamic production and supply chain optimization; smart systems that use process data from sensors for real time and dynamic process optimization enhancing process safety, fault detection and mitigation, operational reliability, and efficiency would be relevant to this topic. Technologies that are discontinuous and breakthrough innovations that can improve existing manufacturing and production processes and unit operations as retrofittable or drop-in solutions would be relevant.

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