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General Education


EA1 topics can include 1) technology transfer of innovative and sustainable products and services that leverage and commercialize education research investments made to educational institutions by the National Science Foundation and other government agencies; 2) authentic and active learning approaches that are more student-centered in environments that are familiar to learners; these approaches should provide solutions that address the needs of a variety of learners, including K-12 students, college students, families, particular types of community members, teachers, and the general public; 3) innovative delivery, applications, open content, and curricula on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) that provides new or alternative forms of sharing and repurposing of information, content, pedagogies, and experiences that are long-term and sustainable; 4) learning technologies that motivate and enhance the self-esteem and learning performance of students; 5) innovative applications that better enable classroom management, recordkeeping, and standards-aligned planning, and facilitate or ease the burden of the ever-increasing roles and responsibilities of educators while permitting more effective use of educational resources; 6) systems and tools that may better enable education leaders to benefit from agile start up models to implement change across institutional settings; and 7) authoring systems and content generators that easily allow educators to create, distribute, and share new resources across multiple platforms; 8) applications that better enable informal and traditional learning or applications that help bridge formal and informal learning environments or effectively promote positive behavior changes; and 9) technologies to preserve the nation’s collective and cultural heritage including the protection of objects, artifacts, documents, conservation, and archival objects that can include physical, artistic, cultural, engineering, electronic, and other multi-disciplinary educational documents.

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