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Big Data; Advanced Data Analytics



This sub-topic focuses on innovations in the rapidly expanding fields of big data and advanced data analytics. These fields cover a wide range of technical sub-specialties and applications, and the examples provided below are far from exhaustive.
Examples of relevant technical fields include (but are not limited to): predictive analytics, simulation, optimization, data visualization, network visualization, visual data analytics and optimization (image and video), data fusion and integration. Applications are many and varied - examples include (but are not limited to): predicting buying patterns and trends, insurance claims, mortality rates, tax fraud, traffic patterns and delays, equipment failure, election outcomes, criminal/terrorist activities, and the spread of disease; improving healthcare outcomes; the optimization of equipment performance and maintenance scheduling; the optimization of manufacturing processes; predicting and optimizing traffic flow (internet traffic, road traffic, etc.); internet search; business informatics; logistics management; supply chain management; the visualization of utility networks; climate modelling; geographic information systems (GIS); crowdsourcing; and detecting and preventing cyber-attacks.


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