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BEDFORD, MA 01730-2314
United States



# of Employees: 123

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HUBZone Owned: No

Socially and Economically Disadvantaged: No

Woman Owned: No

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  1. Robust High Average Power Modulator

    Amount: $992,295.00

    Some DOE modulators have been under development for a decade, but do not yet meet the specifications for voltage, droop, or pulse width. A fundamental design limitation is that the inverters switch t ...

    SBIRPhase II2011Department of Energy
  2. Solid State Pulsed Power System for a Stripline Kicker

    Amount: $994,464.00

    The DOE is looking for a solid-state pulser suitable for driving a 50 , 2 meter long stripline TEM deflector with 10-15 kV, 10 nanosecond flattop pulses at 100 kHz PRF, with 10-3stability (repeatabili ...

    SBIRPhase II2011Department of Energy
  3. Radiation-Resistant, High-Efficiency Direct Current-Direct Current (DC-DC) Converters For Spacecraft Loads

    Amount: $95,980.00

    ABSTRACT: Delivery of power to satellite subsystems requires efficient DC-DC down converters that can support multiple spacecraft loads at very low output voltages. The converters must be tolerant to ...

    SBIRPhase I2011Department of Defense Air Force
  4. Innovative materials/manufacturing for a prototype 600-1000VDC DC/DC Converter for Shipboard Radar

    Amount: $79,644.00

    The limiting technology for solid-state phased-array radars has been the RF transmit/receive (T/R) modules. As these become mature, a critical supporting technology is the power supply. Subarrays of T ...

    SBIRPhase I2011Department of Defense Navy
  5. Integrated blade tip lighting system for rotorcraft

    Amount: $99,482.00

    Aircraft have a variety of lights for collision avoidance and craft-orientation signaling. Rotorcraft are typically affixed with navigation lights on (or near) their main body. This reduces observable ...

    SBIRPhase I2011Department of Defense Navy
  6. High Efficiency and High Power Quality Electrical Power Conversion

    Amount: $1,444,274.00

    The goal of the Navy Linear Induction Motor (LIM) launcher is to demonstrate the launching of projectiles to high speeds via an electromagnetic induction process. One program objective is to achieve l ...

    SBIRPhase II2011Department of Defense Navy
  7. Advanced Dielectric Insulation Techniques for High Voltage Pulsed Power Systems

    Amount: $99,529.00

    High voltage systems require extreme levels of insulation - to prevent arcing and corona. Therefore, reliable high voltage design typically requires large containers to provide room for such insulator ...

    SBIRPhase I2010Department of Defense Air Force
  8. High Efficiency Multi-Mode Power Processing Units for Hall Effect Thrusters

    Amount: $744,494.00

    The Department of Defense and NASA are developing high power electric thrusters having high specific impulse for satellite station keeping and long, deep space flights. Light weight, spaceflight-capab ...

    SBIRPhase II2010Department of Defense Air Force
  9. Over the Horizon Refueling (OTH)

    Amount: $69,141.00

    In Phase I, DTI will examine methods of increasing tanker stand-off to a distance of 25 miles from shore, and beyond. DTI will evaluate and design the power, communications, and deployment systems req ...

    SBIRPhase I2010Department of Defense Navy
  10. Components for Heating and Fueling of Fusion Plasmas

    Amount: $99,322.00

    Next generation fusion facilities will require megawatts of RF power. Gyrotrons and other vacuum tube RF amplifiers will require reliable, cost effective, and very high performance power systems. Thes ...

    SBIRPhase I2010Department of Energy
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