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6201 E OLTORF ST STE 400
AUSTIN, TX 78741-7509
United States



# of Employees: 45

Ownership Information

HUBZone Owned: No

Socially and Economically Disadvantaged: No

Woman Owned: No

Award Charts

Award Listing

  1. Fluorescent Qdot-Lateral Flow Test Strips for Rapid Ultrasensitive On-site Biotoxin Detection

    Amount: $149,805.84

    Nanohmics, Inc. proposes to develop the most sensitive antibody and/or DNA aptamer-quantum dot (Qdot)-based lateral flow (LF) test strips possible for detection of high consequence toxins such as abri ...

    SBIRPhase I2022Department of Homeland Security
  2. Robust DNA Taggant Reader for Electronics Counterfeit Prevention

    Amount: $1,099,999.20

    Defense MicroElectronics Activity (DMEA) seeks to develop a robust technique to sample and read DNA taggants applied to surfaces of microelectronics supply chain components that employs machine learni ...

    SBIRPhase II2022Department of Defense Defense Microelectronics Activity
  3. Robust, selective NOx species sensor for tailpipe emissions

    Amount: $1,150,000.00

    Diagnostic characterization of tailpipe emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) is becoming increasingly important as environmental concern and government regulations are requiring the use of complex NOx mo ...

    SBIRPhase II2022Department of Energy
  4. Ultrasensitive Near-Infrared Detector Based on Graphene-Nanocrystal Heterostructure

    Amount: $179,498.00

    Ultrasensitive low light level detection and sensing in the near infrared (NIR) is critical for many military applications. Specifically, night vision devices (NVD) would greatly benefit from extremel ...

    STTRPhase I2022Department of Defense Army
  5. Oligonucleotide-directed, multiplexed assembly of QD-LED arrays

    Amount: $224,999.00

    A host of new integrated optics and photonics technologies and applications stand to benefit from transitioning the successes of lithographic patterning and vacuum thin film deposition to mass-produci ...

    STTRPhase I2022Department of Defense Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  6. Extremely Low Cost Sensors for Small Spacecraft

    Amount: $749,999.60

    Spectral signatures in the mid-wave infrared (MWIR) and long-wave infrared (LWIR) are useful in anomaly detection, contrast enhancement during thermal crossover, chemical identification, and target di ...

    SBIRPhase II2022Department of Defense Air Force
  7. Mutliphysics Modeling Software for Directed Energy Bioeffects

    Amount: $749,997.00

    Nanohmics is developing a versatile software framework—Modular Open Electromagnetic BIoeffects Unified Simulation (MOEBIUS)—for modeling directed energy bioeffects and other multiphysics phenomena ...

    SBIRPhase II2022Department of Defense Air Force
  8. Handheld Image Based BRDF Measurement Tool

    Amount: $150,000.00

    Monitoring and identification of resident space objects (RSOs) for space domain awareness relies on ground and space based optical telescope observation. Sunlight reflected off RSOs is measured and in ...

    SBIRPhase I2022Department of Defense Air Force
  9. Extensible Toolkit for Signal Analysis

    Amount: $149,994.00

    With advancements in both computational performance and resolution of experimental methods, the amount of data acquired and stored in databases is surpassing the analytical capabilities of human opera ...

    SBIRPhase I2022Department of Defense Air Force
  10. Non‐reciprocal metasurfaces for photonic integrated circuits

    Amount: $249,908.55

    This proposal investigates nonlinear metasurface technology that exploits sharp Fano-resonances to engineer energy and size efficient photonic devices that perform better than the state-of-the art iso ...

    STTRPhase I2022Department of Defense Office of the Secretary of Defense
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