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CHELMSFORD, MA 01824-4140
United States



# of Employees: 126

Ownership Information

HUBZone Owned: No

Socially and Economically Disadvantaged: No

Woman Owned: No

Success Stories

  1. SBIR-STTR-Success: Triton Systems Inc.

    The Air Force has a new, time-saving tool in its ongoing effort to repair jet engines.With support from the Air Force Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technology Transfer Program, Massachusetts-based Triton Systems Inc. developed a 3D printed mask for a specific engine component in...

Award Charts

Award Listing

  1. Mixed-Matrix Anion Exchange Membranes for Solar Fuels Generators

    Amount: $199,933.00

    Solar fuels generators like solar-to-hydrogen devices that use sunlight to drive the conversion of water to hydrogen, a storable chemical fuel, could contribute in the decarbonization of the energy in ...

    SBIRPhase I2021Department of Energy
  2. Wave Energy Harvesting to Power Ocean Buoys

    Amount: $1,099,468.00

    Promotion of the Blue Economy requires a deeper understanding of the oceans to enable better management of the many aspects of oceanic sustainability. Our understanding has increased dramatically over ...

    SBIRPhase II2021Department of Energy
  3. Wave Energy Harvesting to Power LiDAR Buoys

    Amount: $199,770.00

    Due to increased pressure from climate change and global energy insecurity, there has been a surge in demand for renewable energy. One potential market has been severely underutilized: marine renewabl ...

    SBIRPhase I2021Department of Energy
  4. Plastic Heat Exchangers with High Conductance

    Amount: $199,922.00

    Triton will design a high effectiveness, low size and weight, non-metallic heat exchanger. This technology will reduce the size and cost, and improve the efficiency, of commercial and residential HVAC ...

    STTRPhase I2021Department of Energy
  5. 3D Printed Membranes for Desalination

    Amount: $199,990.00

    Membrane technologies are currently the lowest cost option for desalination of water and purification of other liquid and gas streams. There is a need to develop continuous, precise, and smart manufac ...

    STTRPhase I2021Department of Energy
  6. Innovative Wall shear Stress Sensor for Rotor Blades

    Amount: $111,462.88

    Triton Systems proposes to develop an innovative sensor to measure shear stress on the surface of a rotor blade for CFD model validation. This sensor will enable direct point-wise sensing on each roto ...

    SBIRPhase I2021Department of Defense Army
  7. Retractable Gunner Restraints

    Amount: $111,087.18

    Triton Systems will develop a novel approach to a gunner restraint and protection system. This system will address a wide range of threats across diverse timescales. Gunners will be protected against ...

    SBIRPhase I2021Department of Defense Army
  8. Mobile Medic Seating

    Amount: $111,410.73

    Triton will develop an optimized mobile medic interior seating system that is lightweight, durable and will protect the occupants during high energy events while allowing them to be mobile within the ...

    SBIRPhase I2021Department of Defense Army
  9. Active Noise Reduction HGU-56P Aviator Helmet

    Amount: $111,392.77

    Army helicopter pilots are routinely exposed to intense noise levels during daily operations. The Army has been searching for aviator helmets with improved acoustic performance but has not found them ...

    SBIRPhase I2021Department of Defense Army
  10. Multiplexed field effect transistor sensor suit for filtration performance monitoring

    Amount: $166,488.00

    Soldiers require upwards of 15 L of water/day to remain properly hydrated. On an extended mission, soldiers can obtain water from indigenous sources using recently developed TIC/TIM filters that are c ...

    STTRPhase I2021Department of Defense Army
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