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  1. Small blood pumps for small patients

    SBC: Vadovations, Inc.            Topic: NHLBI

    DESCRIPTION provided by applicant Heart failure and congenital heart defects threaten the lives of several thousand children each year The only FDA approved long term pediatric heart support device is the Berlin Heart Excor which is based on year old technology and is fraught with complications including blood clots forming in the device requiring frequent device replacement The recipien ...

    SBIR Phase II 2015 Department of Health and Human ServicesNational Institutes of Health
  2. Preclinical Development of LIGO-069-136, An Anti-Inflammatory Pulmonary Therapeut


    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): The LIGO-069-136 Phase II renewal project is a critical path research and development plan designed to qualify an anti-inflammatory monoclonal antibody product for approval of an investigative new drug (INO) for chronic bronchitis. The proposed mechanism of action of LlGO-069-136 is the prevention of neutrophil and monocyte adherence to endothelial cells, and s ...

    SBIR Phase II 2006 Department of Health and Human Services
  3. Optimization of CXCR1/2 antagonist SX-576 for the treatment of BPD and COPD

    SBC: Syntrix Biosystems, Inc.            Topic: NHLBI

    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): SX-576 is a small molecule CXCR1/2 antagonist that potently blocks the migration of neutrophils to sites of injury and/or inflammation. SX-576 is being developed as a potential therapeutic for the treatment of pulmonaryinflammatory diseases, such as bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In this study, the pharmacokin ...

    SBIR Phase II 2011 Department of Health and Human Services
  4. A Vaccine for Schistosomiasis, "SchistoShield"

    SBC: PAI Life Sciences, Inc.            Topic: NIAID

    DESCRIPTIONprovided by applicantSchistosomiasis is a major neglected tropical disease of public health concern to a billion people withmillion currently infected andmillion at risk to acquire the infectionthe majority of these in AfricaThe disease has a high impact on affected people s lives with disability adjusted life years atmillion years which ran this malady ahead of malariaCurrent control s ...

    SBIR Phase II 2016 Department of Health and Human Services
  5. Sleeping Beauty Engineered B Cells for Mucopolysaccharidosis

    SBC: Immusoft Corporation            Topic: 300

    Project Summary Mucopolysaccharidosis type IMPS Iis an autosomal recessive storage disease caused by the absence ofL iduronidaseIDUAresulting in systemic accumulation of glycosaminoglycanGAGstorage materialshepatosplenomegalyskeletal dysplasiascardiopulmonary obstructionprogressive neurologic impairment and death by ageMPS I is currently treated by enzyme replacement therapy and by allogeneic hema ...

    SBIR Phase II 2018 Department of Health and Human ServicesNational Institutes of Health
  6. Improving Oral Health with Serious Games

    SBC: FIRSTHAND TECHNOLOGY, INC.            Topic: N/A

    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): The overall objective of this SBIR Fast Track research is to test the technical and scientific feasibility and educational efficacy of a suite of 5 serious computer games for improving oral health literacy. In English a nd Spanish, the games are designed to improve the oral health quality of life of young Americans at risk for severe tooth decay. Low levels of ...

    SBIR Phase I 2008 Department of Health and Human Services
  7. Development of an Ad5 [E1-, E2b-] HIV-1 vaccine for use in Ad5 Immunized Vaccinee

    SBC: Etubics Corporation            Topic: N/A

    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Current generation Adenovirus (Ad) vector vaccines deleted at the E1 or the E1, E3 regions have resulted in experimental potential to immunize against a variety of infectious diseases such as HIV. These Ad vectors permit the delivery of genes, which express proteins that stimulate the immune system. An advanced generation of Ad vectors with unique deletions of ...

    SBIR Phase II 2009 Department of Health and Human Services
  8. Efficient patient-specific cell generation by image-guidance


    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): This fast-track proposal applies advanced kinetic image pattern recognition (KIPR) technologies to predict induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) reprogramming colonies' differentiation outcomes for significantly improvedyield and robustness of differentiation protocols. The objectives of the proposed tool are 1) Teaching: creation of scores for induced colo ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 Department of Health and Human Services
  9. Development of an Anti-P-selectin Antibody for the Treatment of Sickle Cell Disea


    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Selexys Pharmaceuticals is developing a humanized monoclonal antibody drug directed against P-selectin for the treatment of vasoocclusive crisis in patients with sickle cell disease. P-selectin mediates the first step in the recruitment of white blood cells to sites of inflammation. Vasoocclusion is precipitated by a P- selectin-mediated adhesion of sickled red ...

    SBIR Phase I 2009 Department of Health and Human Services
  10. Producing Polyclonal Human Antibodies to Anthrax

    SBC: HEMATECH, LLC            Topic: N/A

    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Anthrax is a high risk bioterrorist threat. Despite high dose antibiotic therapy, several deaths occurred following the 2001 mail attack. Passive immunization with anti-anthrax immunoglobulins, in combination with

    SBIR Phase II 2004 Department of Health and Human Services
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