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The Award database is continually updated throughout the year. As a result, data for FY20 is not expected to be complete until September, 2021.

  1. Development Methodology for Design and Implementation of Advanced Controllers for Vibratory Weapon Systems

    SBC: Adaptive Robotics, Inc.            Topic: N/A

    New developments in materials and components create a need for more effective controllers for flexible, lightweight, high-performance systems in DoD, industry, civil infrastructure, and space applications. Included are automated loading and material handling systems, tank flexible gun barrels, vibration and oscillation in automobiles, bridges, and overhead cranes. The control problems associated ...

    SBIR Phase II 1996 Department of DefenseArmy
  2. Automatic Fiber Placement (AFP) Process for Polymer Composite Sabots

    SBC: ADC Acquisition Co. dba Automated Dynamics            Topic: N/A

    Automated Cynamics Corporations (ADC) proposes to exploit its knowledge of automated in-situ consolidation of thermoplastic carbon fiber unidirectional tape to reduce the high scrap rate currently experienced in the in the fabrication of thermoset (epoxy) carbon fiber sabots. The current production process requires several steps which result in material loss (scrap) of approximately 60-70%. App ...

    SBIR Phase I 1996 Department of DefenseArmy
  3. Multi-language Speech Synthesis for Voice Output Communication Aids using Eloquence

    SBC: Eloquent Technology, Inc.            Topic: N/A


    SBIR Phase I 1996 Department of Education
  4. Multi-Level Aerodynamic Engineering Design/Analysis System for Rotorcraft

    SBC: FLOW ANALYSIS, INC.            Topic: N/A

    A number of techniques currently exist for computing rotorcraft aerodynamic flow fields. These range from very fast lifting line schemes which only include the simplest incompressible, inviscid modules for rotor-blades and wake, to full CFD compressible, inviscid potential free-wake methods which are moderately fast, through full compressible Euler/Navier-Stokes methods for rotors and bodies, whi ...

    SBIR Phase II 1996 Department of DefenseArmy
  5. Three Dimensional Coordinate Measurement System- For Driver Hand Position Monitoring


    While the applications of a three dimensional coordinate measurement system are diverse, such a system will be particularly useful in reporting driver hand position and head movement coordinates. The coordinate information is used to evaluate driver behavior and performance in the new generation of instrumented vehicles where the driver engages in manipulation of specific equipment. Having devel ...

    SBIR Phase I 1996 Department of Transportation
  6. Disability data management for state and local planning.

    SBC: Integrated Research And            Topic: N/A

    Disability is the nation's largest public health issue; with over 35 million Americans experiencing disability and annual disability-related costs exceeding $170 billion. Planning for the efficient and equitable allocations of state and local rehabilitation services has generally been inadequate, however. Geographic information systems (GIS) approaches have the potential to dramatically improve ...

    SBIR Phase I 1996 Department of Education
  7. Multiphase Nanocomposites for Optical Power Limiting

    SBC: HYBRID TECHNOLOGIES            Topic: N/A


    SBIR Phase I 1996 Department of DefenseArmy
  8. Diagnotisc System for Antenna Drive Motors and Bearings

    SBC: Mechanical Technology, Inc.            Topic: N/A

    The proposed effort will evalute acoustic sensing methods to monitor and diagnose impending problems in drive components on the ALTAIR Spacetrack antenna. Various acoustic sensing techniques that have been researched but never applied to such a structure will be investigated. The problem of using acoustic measurement techniques is that most of the data expected from an ALTAIR or similar system i ...

    SBIR Phase I 1996 Department of DefenseArmy
  9. Jaggernaut: Development of an Efficient CAD System for the Simulation of Impedance, Radiation and Scattering Characteristics of Arbitrary Printed An

    SBC: Microwave Cad Tools            Topic: N/A

    We propose to develop a user-friendly, unified simulation tool (nicknamed JUGGERNAUT) for the characterization of impedance, radiation, as well as plane-wave scattering characteristics of multilayered printed antennas and arrays with arbitrary feed arrangements. In distinct contrast to the existing full-scale EM simulation tools commercially available, which in principle can also perform the simi ...

    SBIR Phase I 1996 Department of DefenseArmy
  10. Hybrid Foil/Magnetic Bearing



    SBIR Phase I 1996 Department of DefenseArmy
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