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The Award database is continually updated throughout the year. As a result, data for FY19 is not expected to be complete until June, 2020.

  1. A Balanced Photodetection Fiber-optic Link Using a Dual-Core Fiber

    SBC: Eospace Inc.            Topic: N182101

    A high-fidelity RF/Analog fiber-optic link based on a balanced photodetection using a dual-output modulator and a balanced photodetector pair offers significant improvement in RF gain, low noise figure (NF) and enhanced spur-free dynamic range (SFDR). It requires the use of path-length matched dual fibers to achieve proper noise cancellation. The objective for this SBIR is to develop a balanced fi ...

    SBIR Phase I 2018 Department of DefenseNavy
  2. Multicore Fiber Optic Connector for Wideband Digital and Analog Photonic Links

    SBC: Chiral Photonics, Inc.            Topic: N182102

    Fiber optic data links are attractive for their wide bandwidth, low weight, electromagnetic interference immunity and ability to transmit high fidelity analog and digital radio-frequency-over-fiber (RFoF) signals. Multicore fiber (MCF) links will provide even higher capacity and density and enhance dynamic range analog links using parallel fibers of precisely equal length. The need for a high-qual ...

    SBIR Phase I 2018 Department of DefenseNavy
  3. Carbon Nanotube Windshield Heater

    SBC: CREARE LLC            Topic: N182103

    Creare is proposing to develop a heater utilizing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) that will have high temperature uniformity and high optical transmission with low glare. By creating a variable effective sheet resistance across the windshield, we will be able to produce a robust design that can be flexed and easily scaled up to a production environment. In Phase I, we will fabricate and test a coupon size ...

    SBIR Phase I 2018 Department of DefenseNavy
  4. Integrated Crack Detection System (ICDS)



    SBIR Phase I 2018 Department of DefenseNavy
  5. Real-time Compression for Acoustic Array Time-Domain Data

    SBC: Primacomp, Inc.            Topic: N181067

    This proposal offers SPIHT compression for near-lossless and strictly lossless compression of acoustic array data. We show in tests on publicly available acoustic data that the requirements of 5:1 compression ratio and almost zero distortion are satisfied by 1D-SPIHT coding of the single stream output of the acoustic array. Because 1D-SPIHT has low complexity in addition to high efficiency, the co ...

    SBIR Phase I 2018 Department of DefenseNavy
  6. Extending Service Life of Transparent Armor Through Failure Analysis Based Activation Energy Modelling

    SBC: Innoveering, LLC            Topic: N181001

    Implement extended life improvements based on an accelerated life development tests to confirm delamination failures and associated activation energy levels of adhesives. Testing results will be used to create models and design tools to aid in development of improved life expectancy of Transparent Armor systems. Designs will be used to develop Transparent Armor samples for developmental and qualif ...

    SBIR Phase I 2018 Department of DefenseNavy
  7. Mast Antenna Coupler

    SBC: TECH RESOURCES, INC.            Topic: N181063

    BROADBAND MODULAR ANTENNA COUPLER WITH SIGNIFICANT RADIO-FREQUENCY SHIELDING The objective of this proposal is to demonstrate the feasibility of an antenna coupler that includes modular construction features, and provides a significant level of radio-frequency shielding within a defined, broad-frequency band. The proposal includes research related to the magnetic fields being attenuated from the m ...

    SBIR Phase I 2018 Department of DefenseNavy
  8. Argus: Automated Software Bug Discovery and Assessment

    SBC: ATC-NY, Inc.            Topic: N181068

    Software bugs are a significant risk to mission success and human safety. Software testing and analysis, which is used to combat bugs, is difficult, and thus time-consuming and expensive. It is particularly difficult to find latent bugsbugs that do not have obvious, observable effects on the system. This results in undiscovered and unfixed bugs in the system. New approaches to automated software t ...

    SBIR Phase I 2018 Department of DefenseNavy
  9. Novel Thermal Management Materials Technologies for High Power Naval Systems

    SBC: UTILITY DEVELOPMENT CORP            Topic: N181078

    The objective will be to develop and evaluate electrically insulating materials for improved passive thermal management of high-power electronics. The proposed materials will improve both performance and efficiency, prolong lifetime, and reduce lifecycle costs with enhanced thermal conductivity while remaining electrically insulating. During the Phase I program, UDC will formulate thermally conduc ...

    SBIR Phase I 2018 Department of DefenseNavy
  10. Multispectral/Hyperspectral Imaging System for Small Boat Detection under Wake Clusters

    SBC: NextGen Imaging Technologies, Inc            Topic: N181023

    The innovation is a Gimbaled Airborne Multi-Sensing Imaging System (GAMSIS) optimized for small boat detection under wake clusters. The system tightly integrates GPS/INS to operate its co-boresighted multi-sensor payload, consisting of an array of fast high resolution Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) cameras capable of multispectral/hyperspectral/polarimetry snapshot over a broad VIS-LWIR range (4 ...

    SBIR Phase I 2018 Department of DefenseNavy
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