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The Award database is continually updated throughout the year. As a result, data for FY20 is not expected to be complete until September, 2021.

  1. Development of a Portable Microwave Atomic Clock Using Pulsed Coherent Population Trapping

    SBC: Digital Optics Technologies, Inc.            Topic: SB141004

    We propose to develop a low SWaP, portable microwave Rb-87 cold atomic clock using pulsed coherent population trapping (CPT). The SWaP goal is to achieve a volume of

    SBIR Phase I 2014 Department of DefenseDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  2. A Low-Cost, High-Performance Colloidal Quantum Dot MWIR Focal Plane Array

    SBC: SIVANANTHAN LABORATORIES, INC.            Topic: ST13B002

    The primary goal of this proposed effort is to develop mid-wavelength infrared (MWIR) colloidal quantum dot (CQD)-based focal plane arrays (FPAs) to significantly reduce the cost of MWIR photon imagers. In order to realize this goal, it will first be nec

    STTR Phase I 2014 Department of DefenseDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  3. Low Cost, Efficient Microchannel Plasma Ozone System for Point of Use Water Treatment

    SBC: EP Purification, Inc.            Topic: A

    A team at EP Purification has performed research for the development and commercialization of low-cost microchannel plasma reactor modules capable of efficiently producing ozone for water treatment and other environmental applications in a slim form factor and size. The conservation of water resources for human consumption is a growing national priority. Ozone is a unique purification agent as it ...

    SBIR Phase II 2014 Environmental Protection Agency
  4. Micro-discharge Based Multi-Metal Emissions Monitoring System

    SBC: Cavition, Inc.            Topic: N/A

    Caviton has developed a novel technique for the continuous monitoring of trace metals emissions. This technique is based on a microdischarge light, which is collected by a spectrometer and analyzed. All metals tested to date can b detected and the focus of this Phase II project is to develop a sampling system, carry out laboratory tests, then move to field tests of sampling and analysis. Finall ...

    SBIR Phase I 2004 Environmental Protection Agency
  5. Hydrogen Peroxide Based Fuel Cell for High Energy Density Space application

    SBC: NPL ASSOC., INC.            Topic: SB032048

    The objective of this research is to study the feasibility of a unique high energy-density space power system based on a direct hydrogen peroxide fuel cell. Such a power system has an energy density 10 times higher than that available from the most advanced battery systems today and meets the requirements for Unconventional Space Power set forth in DARPA SB032-048. Unlike conventional fuel cells t ...

    SBIR Phase I 2004 Department of DefenseDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  6. Analysis of Classical and Quantum Information Interface Requirements (ACQuIIRe): High-Speed Quantum Encryption over a Classical Network

    SBC: NUCRYPT LLC            Topic: SB041017

    This SBIR Phase-I project is aimed at exploiting an exciting new invention in the area of quantum cryptography to secure the physical layer of today's ubiquitous fiber-optic data networks. Unlike the techniques based on single-photon states that are confined to low bit rates and short distances, our approach is based on coherent states emitted by ordinary lasers that permits scaling to speeds in t ...

    SBIR Phase I 2004 Department of DefenseDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  7. Micro Fuel Cells Based Meso-Sensor Power Supplies

    SBC: RENEW POWER            Topic: SB032050

    This SBIR Phase I project will entail critical research to enable meso-scale fuel cells being developed at the University of Illnois Urbana Champaign(UIUC) and Renew Power Incorporated (RPI) to be used in military meso sensor packages. Our existing prototype pumpless, room temperature, meso-scale fuel cells already generate enough net average power, but not enough peak power to meet the goals in ...

    SBIR Phase I 2004 Department of DefenseDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  8. A Common Mesh Infrastructure for Parallel Adaptive Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Integrated Simulations in Complex Geometries

    SBC: THINKADAPTIVE, INC.            Topic: SB041011

    The goal of this proposal is to develop a common mesh infrastructure (CMI) and algorithms for efficient adaptive simulations of transient multi-scale and multi-physics processes in complex geometries based on a new, fully threaded tree (FTT) abstract data type. An outcome of the proposed research will be a universal, platform-independent, stand-alone software library for managing a geometrically a ...

    SBIR Phase I 2004 Department of DefenseDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  9. Microdischarge-Based Multi-Metal Emission Monitoring System

    SBC: Cavition, Inc.            Topic: C3NCERC2

    Caviton, Inc., has developed an ideal microsensor for the continuous monitoring of multiple metals. These detection systems rely on microdischarge technology (patent pending), utilizing the power of emission spectroscopy for parts per billion-level sensitivity and laboratory instrument-level selectivity. Microdischarge sensors provide real-time continuous monitoring of metals (and othe ...

    SBIR Phase I 2004 Environmental Protection Agency
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