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  1. High Quantum Efficiency Fast Detectors for Readout of Scintillators for Gamma Ray Detection

    SBC: VOXTEL, INC.            Topic: HSB062007

    High quantum efficiency (QE), fast (

    SBIR Phase I 2006 Department of Homeland Security
  2. Enhanced Distillation via Membranes for Elimination of Trapped Water

    SBC: COMPACT MEMBRANE SYSTEMS, INC.            Topic: 21

    Distillation is a major chemical unit operation and consumer of significant energy. Often, water or another intermediate boiling component can become trapped within the distillation column and accumulate. This causes various operating difficulties such as flooding, slugging, cycling, instability, and an off-spec product. This project will develop a chemically resistant, non-porous water-venting ...

    SBIR Phase I 2006 Department of Energy
  3. Novel Platform for Enhanced Membrane Reactors for Homogeneous Catalysis

    SBC: COMPACT MEMBRANE SYSTEMS, INC.            Topic: 23

    Catalysis plays a substantial role in the synthesis of the most U.S. commodity chemicals, with huge implications for energy usage. Membrane reactors have been proposed for a number of these syntheses. However, to be competitive with conventional technologies, membrane reactors must demonstrate better selectivity, permeability, and/or stability. This project will develop a novel platform with ke ...

    SBIR Phase I 2006 Department of Energy
  4. Drying Pipeline Fuel Grade Ethanol

    SBC: COMPACT MEMBRANE SYSTEMS, INC.            Topic: 33

    The use of ethanol as a fuel would impact U.S. reliance on foreign oil. However, among the economic obstacles to it widespread use are the costs of shipping fuel-grade ethanol by truck. Shipping ethanol by pipeline would be significantly less expensive, but, unfortunately, pipeline ethanol is hydroscopic, which causes too much water to be present in the fuel. This project will develop a simple, ...

    SBIR Phase I 2006 Department of Energy
  5. Novel Microbial Hydrogen Production from Biomass Containing Waste Water

    SBC: Ion Power, Inc.            Topic: 12

    The treatment of waste water consumes a significant amount of energy, in order to reduce the organic matter to levels safe for environmental discharge. This project will develop a novel microbial-based approach to convert the organic matter in waste water into a valuable commodity, namely hydrogen. This approach would simultaneously clean the waste water and produce a fuel that can be sold to he ...

    SBIR Phase I 2006 Department of Energy
  6. rDistributor- Remote Distribution of Complete Application Environments

    SBC: Rpath, Inc.            Topic: 46

    Large-scale, grid computing platforms, consisting of thousands of systems distributed across hundreds of computing facilities around the world, are needed for intensive scientific computing. Such grid computing platforms require tools that enable the rapid packaging, distribution, and installation of the necessary application software environment on systems in widely distributed computing facilit ...

    SBIR Phase I 2006 Department of Energy
  7. Fuel Cell Membrane Measurement System for Manufacturing

    SBC: Scribner Associates Incorporated            Topic: 20

    Before fuel cells will be adopted by the automotive market, the cost of proton exchange membrane (PEM) materials must be reduced through improved manufacturing quality control and quality assurance. In particular, tools and standard protocols are needed to measure keystone membrane properties: conductivity and fuel permeability. This project will develop a robust, simple membrane measurement sy ...

    SBIR Phase I 2006 Department of Energy
  8. Single Instruction, Multiple-Data Database System

    SBC: SOUTHEAST TECH INVENTURES            Topic: 43

    Current data mining platforms generally consist of a collection of conventional processors that communicate with each other via a high-speed network (a cluster) or via shared memory (a symmetric multiprocessing system). As one adds more processors to either of these systems, the processing time required to complete a particular task (such as a sequence of database queries) does not decrease linea ...

    SBIR Phase I 2006 Department of Energy
  9. Software Tools for Full Spectrum Analysis of Hyperspectral Data

    SBC: Technical research Associates, Inc.            Topic: 01

    Current hyperspectral analysis, used to extract information related to nuclear fuel cycle signatures, relies on principal component and matched filter processing, which may not fully exploit all of the information in the data. This project will develop an innovative method for: (1) using Independent Component Analysis (ICA) as a means to find end-members, which will serve as an alternative to pr ...

    SBIR Phase I 2006 Department of Energy
  10. Robust, High Speed, Direct-Electron Microscopy Detector Array

    SBC: VOXTEL, INC.            Topic: 25

    New detectors with improved resolution, speed, and sensitivity will increase the efficacy of electron beam microcharacterization, thereby stimulating innovations in life and materials sciences. Current instruments based on charge couple devices (CCDs) are readout-speed limited and are phosphor-limited in resolution and efficiency. Therefore, a new electron detector technology ¿ which offers ...

    SBIR Phase I 2006 Department of Energy
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