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  1. Human Lactoferrin in Acetaminophen Overdose-Induced Liver Failure


    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): An acute or cumulative overdose of acetaminophen (APAP), following either therapeutic overdose or suicide attempts, can cause severe liver damage with the potential to progress to liver failure. APAP overdose accounts for more than 56,000 emergency room visits, 2,600 hospitalizations, and an estimated 458 deaths due to acute liver failure each year, making APAP ...

    STTR Phase I 2012 Department of Health and Human Services
  2. Preclinical Development of a New Drug for Treating Anemia of Chronic Inflammation


    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): A strong unmet need exists to develop new treatments for anemias associated with chronic disease states, collectively referred to as anemia of chronic inflammation (ACI). ACI is highly prevalent in the U.S. and makes alarge contribution to public morbidity and mortality. Despite billions of dollars spent annually to treat ACI patients, current therapies lack e ...

    STTR Phase I 2012 Department of Health and Human Services
  3. Speech-based biomarkers of CNS dysfunction associated with early Alzheimers disea

    SBC: KOBAK, KENNETH A            Topic: NIA

    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): More efficient methods to screen and monitor elderly patients in clinical practice and research are needed, but visits to clinical offices are expensive and many older patient are restricted by mobility or transportation access. The Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study (ADCS) is evaluating several technology platforms for remotely monitoring patient stat ...

    STTR Phase I 2012 Department of Health and Human Services
  4. Development of Novel Agents Targeting Genome Stability and Maintenance for Treati

    SBC: NERX BIOSCIENCES, INC.            Topic: NCI

    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) is uniformly fatal once resistance to platinum based therapy (Pt) is observed. Innate resistance is observed in approximately 25% of the nearly 22,000 annual cases of EOC, where the cancer is intrinsically refractory to Pt therapy. The remaining 75% of women have Pt sensitive disease and will respond with remission lasting up to ...

    STTR Phase I 2012 Department of Health and Human Services
  5. High Throughput 3D Cell Assay for Metastatic Prostate Cancer

    SBC: 3D BIOMATRIX, INC.            Topic: NCI

    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer in United States men. Despite recent advances, prostate cancer mortality still remains high due to the emergence of therapy-resistant cancer cells that metastasize. This lack of effective therapies against metastatic cancer exists, at least in part, because of lack of drug screening platforms that address the u ...

    STTR Phase I 2012 Department of Health and Human Services
  6. QuitAdvisorOB: A tool for delivering smoking cessation guidance to pregnant women


    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): The long-term objective of this project is to provide a smoking-cessation intervention tool for health care providers in prenatal settings. Smoking during pregnancy is a significant public health issue. The prevalence of smoking in women of child-bearing age generally ranges between 17 and 35 percent worldwide, and is heavily influenced by maternal age, ethnici ...

    STTR Phase I 2012 Department of Health and Human Services
  7. Doppler Window for Low-Cost High-Performance Vascular Imaging


    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): This proposal describes a novel, low-cost, high-performance hand-held Doppler ultrasound imaging system to meet the clinical needs from simple vessel location to advanced vascular diagnostic techniques such as elasticity imaging. This research proposal integrates proven fundamental techniques with modern technology. The proposed device revisits original ultraso ...

    STTR Phase I 2012 Department of Health and Human Services
  8. A novel 3D microscope for imaging and photostimulation

    SBC: Boulder Nonlinear Systems, Inc.            Topic: NIMH

    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Mental disease, including schizophrenia, depression and autism spectrum disorders, are still poorly understood, although it is clear that they mostly represent cortical disorders. The cortex is the primary site of higher mental functions, and despite extensive research, there is still no unified theory of how the cortex works. This is partl due to the fact that ...

    STTR Phase I 2012 Department of Health and Human Services
  9. Automating MRI Delta T1 Methods for the Routine Assessment of Brain Tumor Burden

    SBC: Imaging Biometrics, LLC            Topic: NINDS

    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Contrast enhancement on MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) provides the best currently available approach for measuring tumor response to therapy in brain and other solid tumors. Accordingly, criteria have been formulated, by international committees, to guide the assessment of tumor burden by measuring tumor diameters of contrast-enhancing tumor (eg RECIST, Macd ...

    STTR Phase I 2012 Department of Health and Human Services
  10. Development of flow and vascular quantification software for the assessment of MR

    SBC: Magnetic Resonance Innovations, Inc.            Topic: NHLBI

    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): There has been a huge increase in demand for comprehensive quantitative analysis of neurovascular imaging data produced in the clinical setting for diseases such as multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, stroke anddementia. Our objective in this project is to design and develop advanced image processing software that can rapidly and accurately analyze such ...

    STTR Phase I 2012 Department of Health and Human Services
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