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The Award database is continually updated throughout the year. As a result, data for FY20 is not expected to be complete until September, 2021.

  1. Milestone Mall

    SBC: 21ST CENTURY SYSTEMS, INC.            Topic: N/A

    There are major changes in today's business methods. Expensive and time consuming travel for gathering project personnel together will be replaced, in part, by network-centric technology. Management directives of large corporations are increasinglystipulating the use of a collaborative workspace environment for their organizations that are non-collocated. In the defense sector, time-to-market of ...

    SBIR Phase I 2003 Department of DefenseAir Force
  2. Eigen-Similarity Integral (ESI)- A New Concept for Invariant Image Similarity Detection

    SBC: 21ST CENTURY SYSTEMS, INC.            Topic: N/A

    Most of today's precision guided weapons use Global Positioning System (GPS) signals to gain improved accuracy. But, as Operation Iraqi Freedom recently showed, foreign militaries have equipment to locally jam GPS signals. Another effective method ofautonomous navigation is necessary to ensure mission success. Similar to rudimentary terrain recognition used in early cruise missiles, the matching o ...

    STTR Phase I 2003 Department of DefenseAir Force
  3. Innovative Information System Technologies

    SBC: ADEPTECH SYSTEMS, INC.            Topic: N/A

    Publish-subscribe-query systems have been evolving from costly, monolithic, proprietary applications into a client-server model based on web services. More recently, distributed peer-to-peer systems based on undifferentiated end-user systems have beenexplored. All of these approaches tend to suffer from inherent architectural scalability limits.Based on its experience in building business-to-bus ...

    SBIR Phase I 2003 Department of DefenseAir Force
  4. An RF Detection and Diagnostic Tool

    SBC: AEROASTRO, INC.            Topic: N/A

    A significant problem for stakeholders in large satellite systems is the difficulty in getting data about these systems when it is most needed - in orbit and during critical anomalous situations. Near-field diagnostic measurements - including visual andinfrared images and close-range RF measurements - would provide the tools necessary to examine the performance, anomalies, and failures of a targe ...

    SBIR Phase II 2003 Department of DefenseAir Force
  5. Flexible and Extensible Bus for Small Satellites (FEBSS)

    SBC: AEROASTRO, INC.            Topic: N/A

    Numerous organization in the US space community have expressed interest in using small satellites to perform space experiments, technology demonstrations, testing of prototype hardware and software, and the fielding of revolutionary systems such assatellite constellations. Unfortunately, the lack of a standardized, low-cost, small satellite bus architecture has and will limit our ability to advan ...

    SBIR Phase I 2003 Department of DefenseAir Force
  6. Reconfigurable Synthetic Jet Actuation for Closed-Loop Hingeless Flow Control

    SBC: AEROPROBE CORPORATION            Topic: N/A

    In this work, we propose to capitalize on our experience with controls, synthetic jet actuation, low order system modeling, and fluid dynamics in order to develop an integrated approach to hingeless flight control. We propose to develop a novel,distributed, hybrid and reconfigurable, synthetic jet actuator that will be capable, via real-time distributed sensing and actuator parameter control, of b ...

    SBIR Phase II 2003 Department of DefenseAir Force
  7. An Unstructured CFD Program for use with Modern Wind-Tunnel Test Facilities

    SBC: AEROSOFT INC            Topic: N/A

    AeroSoft has developed and commercialized an unstructured CFDsoftware packaged known as GUST. GUST is state-of-the-artsoftware that solves the compressible Navier-Stokes equationsincluding chemically reacting flows. Simulations can beperformed using GUST which range from low subsonic tohypersonic speeds.To tailor GUST for use at the AEDC modern test facility,several low speed enhancements will b ...

    SBIR Phase I 2003 Department of DefenseAir Force
  8. Graphical Indes for Aircraft Legacy Data

    SBC: ANAUTICS, INC.            Topic: N/A

    This is the technical abstract. This is the anticipated benefits

    SBIR Phase I 2003 Department of DefenseAir Force
  9. Conformal Antenna Material Technology

    SBC: Applied EM Inc.            Topic: N/A

    There is a need for new innovative design concepts for developing conformal antennas for military, aerospace, and civilian applications. Conventional conformal antennas are designed to be `flush-mounted' to the shape of the aircraft, spacecraft, groundvehicles and personnel equipment for reasons that include; reduction of aerodynamic drag and heating effects, to satisfy radiation pattern requirem ...

    SBIR Phase I 2003 Department of DefenseAir Force
  10. Navigation Solutions by Terrain Imaging

    SBC: ATHENA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.            Topic: N/A

    Athena Technologies, Incorporated (Athena) in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute (CMU) is pleased to submit this Phase II proposal in continuation of the Phase I effort where we successfully demonstrated proof-of-concept (POC)Visual Augmented Inertial Navigation System (VAINS) to accurately generate high bandwidth velocity, position and attitude of an air vehicle in t ...

    SBIR Phase I 2003 Department of DefenseAir Force
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