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The Award database is continually updated throughout the year. As a result, data for FY19 is not expected to be complete until April, 2020.

  1. Advanced Spectroscopic Capabilities for 3-D Synchrotron X-Ray Microscopes

    SBC: Xradia            Topic: 09a

    Many important technology challenges today such as the capacity and life time of batteries require new characterization techniques to understand and improve performance. In the STTR Phase II project, novel x-ray microscope techniques and software are developed to be able to image samples in three dimensions and determine chemical composition and function on a microscopic level. As known from ubi ...

    STTR Phase II 2013 Department of Energy
  2. Resonant Enhanced Infrared Nano-Spectroscopy (REINS)

    SBC: Anasys Instruments Corp.            Topic: 14b

    Infrared spectroscopy is the most widely used technique for chemical characterization with a worldwide market of over $1B annually. Conventional infrared spectroscopy suffers, however, from fundamental spatial resolution limits that prohibit its application at the nanoscale. This has prevented widespread use of IR spectroscopy in the growing field of nanoscale materials. The atomic force microsc ...

    STTR Phase II 2013 Department of Energy
  3. Advance Additive Manufacturing Method for SRF Cavities of Various Geometries

    SBC: Radiabeam Technologies, LLC            Topic: 34a

    Current state-of-the-art SRF accelerating cavities require the use of many complex and expensive techniques throughout their fabrication/performance cycle. This project will utilize a novel Additive Manufacturing (AM) process to produce nearly monolithic SRF niobium cavities of arbitrary shape with features such as optimized wall thickness and/or integrated stiffeners, greatly reducing the cost a ...

    STTR Phase II 2013 Department of Energy
  4. Polymer Nanowire Sensor Array for Subsurface CO2 Monitoring

    SBC: Innosense Llc            Topic: 17c

    The DOEs & quot;Monitoring Verification and Accounting (MVA) program goal is to confirm permanent storage of CO2 in geologic formations by real-time monitoring should CO2 leak. Remote technologies, effective for atmospheric or above ground CO2 monitoring, are ineffective for subsurface, and it is where leakage can be detected first. By the time leaked CO2 slowly appears on the surface, CO2 may hav ...

    STTR Phase II 2013 Department of Energy
  5. A Multi-Discipline Approach to Digitizing Historic Seismograms

    SBC: RETRIEVER TECHNOLOGY            Topic: 06c

    A large body of historic paper- and film-based seismograms are in storage, containing within them significant stores of seismological information. This information is unavailable for analysis because it needs to be extracted from its analog form and put into modern digital formats. National security needs in nuclear non-proliferation, earthquake modeling, and oil and gas extraction will all benefi ...

    SBIR Phase II 2013 Department of Energy
  6. Real-Time In-Situ Metrology for Lithium-Ion Battery R&D and Manufacturing

    SBC: Applied Spectra, Inc.            Topic: 09b

    The development of cost effective lithium-ion batteries is the cornerstone for meeting the goals of vehicle electrification. Both researchers and manufacturers of Li-ion batteries need a rapid and simple- to-use powerful technology that can enable nanometer-scale depth resolution chemical analysis in real time during the electrochemical cycling of the batteries. Currently available analytical tech ...

    SBIR Phase II 2013 Department of Energy
  7. Platform for Integrated Cookstove Assessment (PICA)

    SBC: Berkeley Air Monitoring Group Inc.            Topic: 10a

    Dependence on dirty solid fuels and inefficient stoves for cooking, heating, and lighting by over 3 billion people in developing countries has very large negative effects on health, environment, livelihoods, gender equality, and global climate. To address this problem and fill the unmet need for robust, inexpensive instrumentation for measuring the in-field performance and usage of cookstoves, we ...

    SBIR Phase II 2013 Department of Energy
  8. Process Intensification by Integrated Reaction and Distillation for Synthesis of Bio-Renewable Organic Acid Esters

    SBC: E3TECSERVICE, LLC            Topic: 10b

    The global market for bio-based chemicals is at a critical stage of development, with focus on new bio-based routes to chemicals and building the type of commercial-scale plants that will enable the market to truly compete with petroleum derived chemicals. The 2011 Frost & amp; Sullivan report identifies six market challenges associated with bio-based chemicals production: 1) price volatility; 2) ...

    SBIR Phase II 2013 Department of Energy
  9. Integrated 100 Gb/s Transmitter

    SBC: AURRION, INC.            Topic: 01c

    The objective of this proposal is to demonstrate an integrated tunable transmitter chip which will overcome size and power roadblocks for transceivers at 100 Gb/s datarates and enable the bandwidth of Department of Energy (DOE) operated networks to continue to increase at the historic rate of 10x every four years. Current optical transmitter solutions are composed of discrete components which are ...

    SBIR Phase II 2013 Department of Energy
  10. Embedded Photonic Components for 100 Gbps Data Transport

    SBC: ULTRA COMMUNICATIONS, INC.            Topic: 01c

    This program will develop technology for integrating optical interconnections within high performance ASIC packaging. This technology should eliminate the power associated with driving signals outside of the package. The component must be capable of 336 Gbps data transmission over a -55 to 100 C temperature range with less than 1.3 Watt of power consumption. This innovation to fiber optic compo ...

    SBIR Phase II 2013 Department of Energy

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