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  1. Material Surface Properties Modifications by Nonequilibrium Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Processing

    SBC: APJET INC            Topic: AF05T028

    The Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet (APPJr) technology invented at Los Alamos National Laboratory and exclusively licensed to APJeT, Inc., is a revolutionary platform technology enabling economic application of atmospheric pressure plasma technology in an array of applications. APPJr is a non-thermal, stable, uniform discharge having 50-1000 times greater power density than other atmospheric plasm ...

    STTR Phase II 2007 Department of DefenseAir Force
  2. Development of a Renormalization Group Approach to Multi-Scale Plasma Physics Computation

    SBC: NumerEx            Topic: AF07T022

    Multiple scale simulations are among the most challenging calculations in scientific computation, yet this capability is critical to realizing a virtual prototyping capability for devices based on electromagnetic and plasma technology. One solution to multi-scale problems is the renormalization group (RNG), which offers a systematic means to investigate and couple the impact of mutiple scales tog ...

    STTR Phase I 2007 Department of DefenseAir Force
  3. Scalable Formal Methods for Distributed Systems

    SBC: QUALTECH SYSTEMS, INC.            Topic: AF07T019

    When designing distributed systems, it is necessary to compare two or more designs of the models of the system. By developing formal methods theory to automate the process of checking for differences, multiple designs can be quickly compared to come up with the best design of the system. UIUC has done research on an algorithm called Circular coinduction to automatically discover bisimulation relat ...

    STTR Phase I 2007 Department of DefenseAir Force
  4. Versatile Dense Pattern Optical Multipass Cell

    SBC: Southwest Sciences, Inc.            Topic: AF07T005

    Southwest Sciences Inc., in collaboration with the University of Texas, propose to develop a versatile multipass cell for optical absorption and spontaneous Raman measurements of flames. This new design will achieve over 100 passes with a tight central spatial footprint for Raman studies as well as be fully configurable for differing working distances and laser sources.

    STTR Phase I 2007 Department of DefenseAir Force
  5. Technologies for Developing Predictive Atomistic and Coarse-Grained Force Fields for Ionic Liquid Property Prediction

    SBC: USEFUL BIAS, INC.            Topic: AF07T004

    This Phase I STTR project will demonstrate that classical force fields can be developed from first principles and used to quantitatively predict the thermodynamic and transport properties of ionic liquids. The project will initially focus on three ionic liquids of interest to the Air Force: 1-n-hexyl-3-methylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide or [hmim][Tf2N]; 2-hydroxyethylhydrazinium ...

    STTR Phase I 2007 Department of DefenseAir Force
  6. MEMS-Based Aero-optics Simulator System

    SBC: AGILOPTICS            Topic: AF06T030

    This effort joins the MEMS-based deformable mirror technology available from AgilOptics, a New Mexico small business, with the aero-optics technology of the University of Notre Dame to develop an Aero-optics Simulator. This simulator will develop a library of aero-optics patterns to simulate atmospheric distortions for test and evaluation of military or commercial beam control systems.

    STTR Phase I 2006 Department of DefenseAir Force
  7. Targets for RADAR Calibration and Test of Advanced Discrimination Technologies and Concepts

    SBC: Qynergy Corporation            Topic: MDA05T005

    Qynergy Corporation proposes to develop a unique power system for space targets for RADAR calibration and test of advanced discrimination technologies and concepts. There is a need for well-characterized cooperative space targets that can decrease reliance on expensive BMDS integrated flight tests. The space target system would consist of at least 2 objects: a cone of approximately 1-m diameter, ...

    STTR Phase I 2006 Department of DefenseAir Force
  8. Diode Laser-Based Flight Test Instrumentation for Scramjets

    SBC: Southwest Sciences, Inc.            Topic: AF04T012

    This Phase II STTR project will continue the research and development of a simultaneous multi-species sensor system for scramjets flight test instrumentation. The sensor system is based on modulation-frequency multiplexing to combine several laser wavelengths and using a single two-color photodiode detector to collect the laser signals along the same optical path. High-sensitivity detection of c ...

    STTR Phase II 2006 Department of DefenseAir Force
  9. Nanodielectrics Dielectrics for High Power Capacitors

    SBC: TPL, INC.            Topic: AF06T002

    Future power conditioning, control electronics and directed energy weapons will require significant energy storage for a wide range of power applications. Systems will depend on capacitors to deliver high current and high voltage under repetition. In order to find practical embodiment on mobile platforms, significant advances in compact power sources will be required. In response this need, TP ...

    STTR Phase I 2006 Department of DefenseAir Force
  10. Crested Tunnel Barriers for Fast, High Density, Nonvolatile Memory Devices

    SBC: Advanced Fuel Research, Inc.            Topic: N/A

    Crested multi-layer tunnel barriers have been proposed, which offer a revolutionary solution to overcome density to speed trade-offs characteristic of present data storage technologies. Practical implementation of the proposed technology will involve useof thin film materials which are readily manufacturable and CMOS-compatible. A critical need exists for experimental verification of the theoret ...

    STTR Phase I 2001 Department of DefenseAir Force
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