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The Award database is continually updated throughout the year. As a result, data for FY20 is not expected to be complete until September, 2021.

  1. N/A



    SBIR Phase II 2001 National Science Foundation
  2. Development of Light-Weight, Low-Cost Multichannels Membrane Reformer

    SBC: ATS-MER, LLC            Topic: N/A

    A novel approach for the development of a lightweight, low-cost, compact, and quick start-up on-board fuel reformer is proposed in this Phase II program. The approach is based on a novel MER¿s technique for the fabrication of multichannel mini-reactors incorporating hydrogen separating membrane. Multichannel mini-reactor shrinks the dimensions through which energy and reactants travel to their ...

    SBIR Phase II 2001 Department of Transportation
  3. N/A

    SBC: NUVOGEN RESEARCH, LLC            Topic: N/A


    SBIR Phase II 2001 National Science Foundation
  4. SBIR Phase II: Structures for reduced critical current to enable Spin Torque Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory

    SBC: Everspin Technologies, Inc.            Topic: PhaseII

    This Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II project aims to demonstrate a high-performance spin torque magnetoresistive random access memory (ST-MRAM). ST-MRAM technology promises a powerful combination of non-volatility, high density, high speed, and low power. The major impediment to commercializing ST-MRAM has been that the write current for programming the magnetic tunnel junction ...

    SBIR Phase II 2011 National Science Foundation
  5. Addressing the Driving Needs of Short Stature Persons

    SBC: SAFE INC            Topic: 04NH1

    Phase I research on the development of a supplemental seating system for short stature drivers was undertaken by Safe Inc. in 2005. The purpose of Phase I was to demonstrate the feasibility of a device that would improve the ability of short stature drivers to safely operate a motor vehicle and to improve occupant crash safety. The study sought to examine the use of pedal extenders and other imp ...

    SBIR Phase II 2008 Department of Transportation
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