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The Award database is continually updated throughout the year. As a result, data for FY19 is not expected to be complete until April, 2020.

  1. A Cavity Enhanced Terahertz Absorption Spectrometer (CETAS)

    SBC: ALPHASENSE, INC.            Topic: A08075

    In this proposal, AlphaSense, Inc. (AI) and the Oklahoma State University (OKState) detail the development of a novel Cavity Enhanced Terahertz Absorption Spectrometer (CETAS). Key innovations of the proposed system include: a) the use of a small Whispering- Gallery- Mode (WGM) cavity to achieve very long pathlength; and b) the integration of the WGM cavity with the conventional pulsed and continu ...

    SBIR Phase I 2008 Department of DefenseArmy
  2. A compact, low cost, in- process welding defects detection system based on thermal plasma emission

    SBC: ALPHASENSE, INC.            Topic: N08178

    In this proposal, AlphaSense, Inc. (AI) and the University of Michigan (UM) detail the development of a compact, portable, and low cost in-process weld defects detection system. Key innovations of the proposed system include: a) weld defects monitoring based on plasma emission characteristics; b) use the electron temperature of the plasma as an indicator of the weld quality, c) use multiple plasma ...

    SBIR Phase I 2008 Department of DefenseNavy
  3. A Software Framework for Blast Event Simulation

    SBC: Reaction Engineering International            Topic: A04237

    The development of a Blast Computational Framework (BCF) is proposed that will provide a suite of tools for performing soil bound explosion simulations and their effects on vehicles and on the human occupants of the vehicles. The BCF will provide a virtual test-bed where disparate computational models can seamlessly interact with one another to provide a unified modeling solution for blast-vehicle ...

    SBIR Phase II 2006 Department of DefenseArmy
  4. Adjustable Attachment Device for Aircraft Blankets

    SBC: HILLIER DEVELOPMENT            Topic: N06016

    A simple clamping U bracket to secure itself under pressure on both sides of the aircraft's structural frame ribs. A clamp will be placed on every section where the bonded studs currently exist. A cavity on the bottom of each clamp will hold a stud or other tool to secure the blankets. The outer surface of the bracket will be made of rubber and the inner core will be made of 9255 spring steel, ...

    SBIR Phase I 2006 Department of DefenseNavy
  5. Advanced Frangible Composite Structure

    SBC: All-Tech Solutions            Topic: AF06339

    The technical objectives of this SBIR proposal include the design and verification of a frangible composite ILS Glideslope Tower that does not require guy wires (i.e., will maintain existing tolerances and mission performance capabilities). ATSI’s technical approach is based upon the high probability that a qualified, frangible Glideslope Tower can be designed and developed using existing/prove ...

    SBIR Phase I 2006 Department of DefenseAir Force
  6. Advanced Hybrid Thermoelectric-Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Energy Conversion for High Efficiency Portable Power

    SBC: Materials and Systems Research, Inc.            Topic: OSD08EP4

    The objective of this proposal is to demonstrate the feasibility of producing a hybrid thermoelectric (TE) - solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) portable generator to achieve high conversion efficiency by applying the applicant's expertise in SOFC technologies and the development of an improved high temperature thermoelectric device. The hybrid system configuration can improve system efficiency by 30% r ...

    SBIR Phase I 2008 Department of DefenseNavy
  7. Advanced Intelligent Web-Based Options to Acquire and Analyze Aircraft Health and Test Data

    SBC: SENTIENT CORPORATION            Topic: N08122

    Topic Synopsis: Current aircraft disposition tools are not designed to take advantage of predictive prognostic information that will be available on new systems such as the F-35 PHM system or the proposed Maintenance and Monitoring system for the E-2D Hawkeye. The central challenges in this topic are to (1) develop automated reasoner technologies to distill large volumes of PHM data into actionabl ...

    SBIR Phase I 2008 Department of DefenseNavy
  8. Advanced, Reinforced-NZP Composites for Ballistic Missile Components & Structures

    SBC: SMAHT CERAMICS, INC.            Topic: MDA04041

    Components used in missile propulsion and control systems such as Throttling Divert and Attitude Control Systems (TDACS) are susceptible to damage and degradation under the harsh operating conditions. Notwithstanding such conditions, a monolithic variant of the “NZP” ceramic has been successfully utilized by Aerojet for TDACS components in MDA’s GMD and SM3 missiles. For more advanced soli ...

    SBIR Phase II 2006 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency
  9. Advances in High Power Microwave (HPM) Hardening Materials

    SBC: Conductive Composites Company, L.L.C.            Topic: AF073037

    A class of conformal coatings, composites and elastomers capable of shielding high power microwaves (HPM) is proposed. Based on nickel nanostrand technology, these coatings, composites and elastomers will extend both the frequency breadth and decibel depth of protection against HPM and other electromagnetic interference phenomena.

    SBIR Phase I 2008 Department of DefenseAir Force
  10. AIMS: Agent-based Information Management System

    SBC: QUANTUM LEAP INNOVATIONS, INC.            Topic: AF05105

    Information Management is an important component in the development of viable information sharing systems, such as JBI, where shared information may be manipulated to derive further information. The qualities of such derived information depend on qualities of the contributing information and of their sources. Determining information quality requires propagation of qualitative and pedigree data abo ...

    SBIR Phase II 2006 Department of DefenseAir Force

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