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The Award database is continually updated throughout the year. As a result, data for FY20 is not expected to be complete until September, 2021.

Download all award data either with award abstracts (290MB) or without award abstracts (65MB). A data dictionary and additional information is located on the Data Resource Page. Files are refreshed monthly.

  1. Facial Signature Reduction

    SBC: Bambu Vault LLC            Topic: SOCOM12004

    Reducing the personal signature of the warfighter, while simultaneously allowing him to"see, breathe and hear"is critical to mission success. Methods of concealment that are suitable for the body do not adequately mask the face without hindering the ability to"see, breathe and hear". To address the need for reducing signature in the Visible and NIR/SWIR region Performance Indicator, LLC (PI) pro ...

    SBIR Phase I 2012 Department of DefenseSpecial Operations Command
  2. Higher Automated Learning (HAL)

    SBC: Aptima, Inc.            Topic: OSD11CR1

    The preparation of training materials is a labor-intensive process. It typically starts with manual task analysis or knowledge elicitation sessions requiring significant time commitments from both training professionals and SMEs. Those products must then be manually transformed into the building blocks for training content development and learning assessment. Clearly it would be of great benefit t ...

    SBIR Phase I 2012 Department of DefenseNavy
  3. Cloud Infrastructure for Retrieving and Refining Information from Sensors (CIRRIS)

    SBC: Charles River Analytics, Inc.            Topic: OSD11DR6

    A wealth of sensor data is available to address the information needs of tactical Warfighters. However, this data resides in diverse, large, remote data stores. Delivering actionable information to the Warfighter requires discovering the relevant sources, retrieving relevant information, integrating the data so that it can be fused, and performing level one fusion. Since the preoccupied Warfighter ...

    SBIR Phase I 2012 Department of DefenseNavy
  4. Phase GyroCompass for Azimuth and Navigation Sensing Using a MEMS IMU Sensor Chip

    SBC: Milli Sensor Systems and Actuators, Inc.            Topic: N111005

    A MEMS GyroCompass is proposed which utilizes two novel mechanizations for achieving drift-free sensor operation and for simultaneously detecting North and Azimuth to the target. The unit is expected to be smaller than an iPhone and easily mountable on a hand-held laser range finder. Its operation should not require handling or adjustments and should be simpler to use than the magnetic compass. We ...

    SBIR Phase I 2012 Department of DefenseNavy
  5. A high sensitive MEMS micro-gyroscope

    SBC: AGILTRON, INC.            Topic: N111005

    Leveraging on our experience in MEMS component and sensor system fabrication, Agiltron proposes to realize a new type of MEMS microgyroscope with a simple scalable mechanism and high precision. The gyroscope will be fabricated in a MEMS structure, with a novel design concept that maximizes the resonant frequency difference between the driving and sensing mode, tuning the sensing mode to near free ...

    SBIR Phase I 2012 Department of DefenseNavy
  6. Traveling Sensor for Ceramic Fabric Cumulative Moisture Exposure, with Portable Dielectric Spectroscopy Instrument

    SBC: Jentek Sensors, Inc.            Topic: N112087

    The proposed program will develop dielectric spectroscopy methods for monitoring the cumulative moisture exposure and absorption for coated ceramic fabric during storage and handling. This will be accomplished with a traveling passive sensor stored with the fabric, implemented as an Interdigitated Electrode Dielectrometer (IDED) in contact with a palette of sensitive materials. This palette may in ...

    SBIR Phase I 2012 Department of DefenseNavy
  7. Mid-Infrared Fiber Coupler for Multiband Infrared Countermeasure (IRCM) Lasers

    SBC: TeraDiode, Inc.            Topic: N112089

    There is a compelling need for scaling the output of mid-infrared lasers to much higher power, brightness, and energy. Applications of such sources include spectroscopic detection of the"fingerprint"of molecular absorptions and infrared countermeasure systems in response to increasingly sophisticated seeker technologies and increased threat ranges. We propose a Phase I configuration that demonstra ...

    SBIR Phase I 2012 Department of DefenseNavy
  8. Miniature Precision Anti-Jam (MPAS) for Space Constrained Precison Approach and Landing Platforms


    Small Navy platforms will require technology to meet the operational availability and accuracy requirements for upcoming systems. Beamforming/null steering algorithms have been developed for antenna installations on ships and fixed wing aircraft where navigational accuracy is achieved at the expense of greater complexity and cost in the antenna electronics. Most of the current systems use"nulling" ...

    SBIR Phase I 2012 Department of DefenseNavy
  9. High Integrity SWAP-C Optimized GPS/Anti-Jam/IMU Navigation System (HI-GAINS) for Unmanned Aircraft


    This proposal addresses the Navy SBIR program objective to develop and demonstrate a high-integrity Global Navigation System (GNS) solution that is not vulnerable to jamming, spoofing or electromagnetic interference (EMI) and that is capable of meeting the stringent size, weight and power (SWaP) constraints imposed by size Group 2 Unmanned Aircraft Systems. According to the Navy solicitation the o ...

    SBIR Phase I 2012 Department of DefenseNavy
  10. Vehicle Protection for Air Transport (VPAT)

    SBC: Mide Technology Corporation            Topic: N112099

    Rugged tactical vehicles such as the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV or Humvee), Interim Fast Attack Vehicle (IFAV), and Light Strike Vehicle (LSV) are widely used for military applications. Navy/Marine Corps rotary-wing aircraft such as the CH-53E and MV 22 were designed to carry these assets and effectively maneuver them into position over widely varying topography. When tactic ...

    SBIR Phase I 2012 Department of DefenseNavy
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