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  1. Promoting Responsible Drinking: An Internet-based, Interactive Computer Tailored Intervention

    SBC: Pro-Change Behavior Systems Inc            Topic: NIAAA

    DESCRIPTION provided by applicant Excessive alcohol use is associated with a range of serious and costly health social and economic consequences at the individual and societal level This program of research serves as a venue by which to produce and test an innovative science based and cost effective means to intervene in a private convenient and individualized way with employed adults wh ...

    SBIR Phase II 2012 Department of Health and Human ServicesNational Institutes of Health
  2. Pre-clinical Development of a Context-Dependent NMADR Neuroprotectant for Treatme

    SBC: NEUROP, INC.            Topic: 102

    DESCRIPTION provided by applicant Cerebral ischemia is a major cause of death and long term disability with high accompanying social and medical costs Approximately Americans suffer a stroke each year at an estimated annual cost of $ B American Heart Association Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics Update Substantial preclinical data support the use of NMDA receptor antago ...

    SBIR Phase II 2012 Department of Health and Human ServicesNational Institutes of Health
  3. Levodopa Pharmacokinetic Optimization by Metal Coordination

    SBC: Synthonics, Inc.            Topic: 104

    DESCRIPTION provided by applicant Synthonics is developing the metal coordinated levodopa drug product MCP for FDA approval Levodopa has served as a primary pharmacotherapy for patients with Parkinsonandapos s disease PD for years and it remains uniquely effective However replacing dopamine by administering levodopa in a standard formulations results in pulsatile delivery charact ...

    SBIR Phase II 2012 Department of Health and Human ServicesNational Institutes of Health
  4. Low-Cost Fiber Optic Network Reflectometer

    SBC: Ax Instruments LLC            Topic: 01c

    To support large scale Fiber Optic (FO) network deployment, there is an identified industry need for a low cost, optical network reflectometer with high resolution and much lower cost to be used in the maintenance of FO networks. This technology supports new FO networks that are being installed in neighborhoods, office buildings, fibertothehome, local area networks, small office/home office (SOHO ...

    SBIR Phase I 2012 Department of Energy
  5. Low Cost Silicon Carbide Fibers, Tapes, and Architecture for Accident Tolerant Nuclear Fuel Cladding and Components

    SBC: Ceramic Tubular Products            Topic: 21b

    Since the Fukushima accident, the DOE, nuclear fuel suppliers, and EPRI, have begun to focus R & amp;D efforts on advanced LWR fuel and components that are more accident tolerant than current zirconium alloys. One area of interest are fuels and components fabricated from ceramic composites that do not balloon during LOCA accidents, do not react exothermically with water during post LOCA quench, an ...

    SBIR Phase I 2012 Department of Energy
  6. High-yield Production of Fumarate from Cellulosic Biomass by Recombinant Cellulolytic Bacillus subtilis

    SBC: Gate Fuels Incorporated            Topic: 17a

    This project will provide a low-cost route for high-yield fumarate production from pretreated non-food cellulosic biomass mediated by recombinant cellulolytic Bacillus subtilis. The cellulose fraction of biomass feedstock contains more than one half oxygen by weight, making it a good starting material for the production of oxygen-containing polymeric monomers. Fumaric acid or fumarate, among the D ...

    SBIR Phase I 2012 Department of Energy
  7. 15 kV Phase Leg Modules with SiC Monolithically Integrated JBS Rectifier with Super Junction Transistor (MIDSJT) Devices

    SBC: GENESIC SEMICONDUCTOR INC.            Topic: 08b

    This project will create a new category of advanced power modules for use in power electronics for energy storage in the medium-voltage range and & gt; 100 kW ratings. A design showing a significant increase in circuit efficiency, cost reduction, an increase in power density, and a reduction in thermal management requirements over the existing Silicon power modules will eliminate significant waste ...

    SBIR Phase I 2012 Department of Energy
  8. HPC Auto-Assistant: Making HPC Software and Tools Easier to Use for the Experienced (Not Expert) User

    SBC: Harmonia Holdings Group, LLC            Topic: 02b

    Our proposal will make high performance computing (HPC) software easier to install, configure, stage data for, and run. This will reduce the need to invest a substantial amount in learning these tools and services and the insurmountable barrier for many organizations, as requested in Topic 2b. Our solution is an intelligent system called HPC Auto-Assistant (HAA). HAA enables the automated creati ...

    SBIR Phase I 2012 Department of Energy
  9. Solid Polymer Electrolytes with High Lithium Ion Conductivity and Transport Number for Hybrid Electric Power-train Systems

    SBC: HYBRID PLASTICS            Topic: 09b

    Current energy storage devices have energy densities that are barely sufficient for low cost electric-vehicles and rely on lithium ion batteries that use flammable, unsafe, liquid electrolytes. However, in order to replace liquid electrolyes in lithium batteries for hybrid electric power train systems, solid polymer electrolytes, which have the advantages of safety and flexibility, must attain con ...

    SBIR Phase I 2012 Department of Energy
  10. Next Generation Processes for Carbonate Electrolytes for Battery Applications

    SBC: Materials Modifications Inc.            Topic: 09c

    Dimethyl carbonate (DMC) is a promising electrolyte solvent for lithium battery applications due to its inherent safety and robustness. Despite the enormous promise of its industrial use, this chemical is currently entirely imported from China. Indigenous manufacture of DMC will enormously benefit not only the American lithium battery industry but also other industrial processes that us ...

    SBIR Phase I 2012 Department of Energy
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